Selling backpacks contents



A very far time ago, I remember it was possible to sell items directly from backpacks to shops.

This feature was removed, and I’m very surpsised that noone arg about this.

Today it’s very unpeasant to sell items to grab some money.
You must place each item one by one from backpacks to your inventory, then sell them one by one.

When you start the Foreman dungeon it’s just a nightmare : you start (at least) to grab some sellable and worth items but you spend more time in the shops to sell stuffs than actually killing mobs and playing.

Is there a solution (keyboard shortcut ?) to bring back the old good behaviour ?

Also, a button allowing to sell “all the back content” should be welcome.

What about it ? Do am I the only one thinking this feature kills the gameplay ?


Wow… CTRL + Right click !
I didn’t know that.

It’s still anoying to drag items from backpack to inventory first, but it helps a lot !

Isn’t there another magical shortcut or so to drag items from backpacks to inventory ?


I still haven’t figured out how to sell to shops…


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