Game feels unfinished. Please release an update!

Just started playing yesterday. This is my feedback so far. Mind you, I do like the game, some parts just bother me a lot and make it feel like the game is in beta.

  1. Why can’t I sell my stuff? It seems like the item/shop mechanic is simply unfinished. I can think of no reason why I couldn’t sell my stuff in the Ark. It’s also a bit odd how in the beginning it’s said that the Ark survives on scraps but then I can’t dismantle any of my items into scrap? It also bogs up your inventory after a while… How does it make sense that a weapons vendor is not interested in buying a scope or armor off you if they make a living selling the stuff???
  2. I’m playing on very-hard and I feel the fights are quite balanced, I like the challenge. However, if there is no healing after fights on very-hard, there should still be some way to eat/rest, at least in the Ark, to regenerate health. Right now the only way is to buy healthpacks, which you can only buy for scraps, that you can only find in the Zone, of which there is limited amount. It makes no sense from an immersion point of view and is a rather poor and again, unfinished mechanic to regulate difficulty.
  3. Why is there no melee? For tanky mutants this should be an obvious ability, damage done could scale with xp.
  4. The game really needs a quicksave/quickload ability.

I know this is not XCOM and it doesn’t have to be but if you make a game that is partly based on a great tactical experience from another game, it doesn’t really pay to have it feel lacking features and tactical depth compared to the original… It should feel like an evolution of it, which sadly at the moment, Mutant Year Zero does not.

Is there any plans for a feature update in the near future? I’m putting the game on pause until this, otherwise nice game, is patched to make it feel like a complete package.

Some of the mechanics you talking about are the Devs interpretation of the core pen and paper RPG mechanics. I’m thinking especially the healing quibble here. Scrap for healthpacks means you have to make a choice. Or get injured less.

I guess selling stuff might be a thing but most attachments can be put to good use and weapons can be scrapped at the weaponsmith.

The save functionality is a little janky.

There are some irritating bugs on PS4 anyway which I’m not sure have been resolved and it would be nice to see those addressed before moving onto quality of life stuff.