My review of MUTANT : YEAR ZERO

So I finished this game, It ain’t bad but it could have been SOOO MUCH better if they wanted.

The OVERALL feel is that it’s missing a huge chunk of things ffrom the P&P version that would have been easy to add in…Right now it’s just a combat focused game. An ok turnbased affair .

1 . NO ARK DEVELOPMENT : The ARK in the current game is VERY barebones and the 4 locations is a joke really. PRIPPS BAR Doesn’t even let you have some drinks, The STORE doesn’t include Selling of items

  1. EXPLORATION : Yeah sure you can explore , but only in a very linear fashion . The areas are very small and the only thing you find is scrap and maybe a chest per area after killing Everything. The AREAS would have been much greater if they were a bit larger and had to be protected and hold after taken, much like the system from Jagged Alliance. This is also much more inline with the P&P version of the game.

  2. NO SURVIVIAL: Your MUTANTS doesn’t need to eat or drink , A HUGE part of the P&P version of the game. I don’t understand how this has been left out.

  3. STEALTH/COMBAT : Once you learn that sneaking around is just a matter of staying outside the radius, nothing in the game will ever see you , but I can see Everything just fine, even in broad daylight. It’s VERY easy just stay outside the radius then start combat shoot with you silenced pistols and pals standing almost next to his friend will not react for killing hes friend. And if you are somewhat far away you can just use your shotguns.

5 . ROBOTS: Why on Earth are these robots fighting with the GHOULS ? That makes NO sence at all…

6 ENEMIES IN THE GAME: There is GHOULS, DOGS and ROBOTS, thats about it, In the P&P game there is all sorts of creepy beeings , Why did they not take advantage of this ? The ROBOTS (All manner of them) is even RARE , but in this game half of the map is filled with them, SEE POINT 5 Aswell.:slight_smile:

This game is NOT WORTH all the praise it’s getting, It’s good and has it’s charm in certain places and if you are Swedish like me you will get a a good laugh from time to time. But it feels like a VERY hasty production with much cutting of corners that would have made this game much better. If you want a good Post Apocalypic game try WASTELAND 2. This just made me dissapointed :frowning:

Most of this came down to money. They didn’t have the pedigree/nostalgia/big name draw of Wasteland, so they had a much smaller amount of money to work with. Every enemy you add (that’s not just a re-skin) is more developer time, which of course is more money. Same with most of your other points, apart from the eating/drinking thing. I’m very very glad that’s not in there, as it’s one of the most tedious mechanics I can think of to put in a video game.

It’s always funny when someone says a game is “overrated” or “not worth all the praise it’s getting.” It’s not just saying “I didn’t like it so much” as “hey, everyone, stop liking this thing!”

(I will say one thing about the comparison to Wasteland 2, though. This game is gorgeous in comparison. WL2 feels like a bit of a cookie-cutter rpg game engine wise.)

Well, The game is based on one of the more popular tabletop RPG’s in Sweden and funded by FUNCOM, so I do believe that some extended time in the development cycle was highly possible.

But yeah, maybe Money had to do with it, it’s just sad, that’s all. The game is not bad , it coul’d have been much better, It claims to be a roleplaying game for example, and there is hardly any features available that would put that game in this genre(Atleast STEAMS tag system does)

Sure, many of my Points would have required more Money and time but Why not, the game has a solid IP to fall back on

One of the core features of that game was ROT, the food/water contamination level. I understand that you think eating and drinking requirements is boring , but there is ways to make it intreressting without forcing players to just eat and drink. In the tabletop game the MUTANTS got fatigued/sick and it lowers their STATS. STATS in the PC game is not present . The Tabletop game is as much a survivial/eploration game as it is a roleplaying one where your poor MUTANTS learn how to survive in a nuclear wasteland. The current PC game does mention this but does not give any kind of ingame feedback towards it, your MUTANTS are Always fine and dandy.

And Hey, I’m NOT telling everyone to stop liking this game! Where the hell did you get that idea ? I’m even saying that the base of ths game is good, but It needed more work that’s all. Furthermore, It’s my own view of the game , I’m not telling anyone else to feel this way.


I liked the game but hopefully the next will bring it closer to the Tabletop game if they with this one have more Money to play with

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Yeah, I’m hoping the success of this (at least, I’m thinking it has been successful but you can never easily tell) will give them a footing to do a more fleshed out MYZ2. They’ve already got a beautiful engine and battle code they can build off of. I can totally see this game jumping out of the AA $30 category and into the $40-50 (though you can always wait for steam sales) category if it had more of an “endless” mode. Now that the next version won’t have to program everything from scratch, that should be doable.

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There is a plentitude of things for them to introduce in a second installment of this type of game, just do not se the reason some of them was not introduced in this game. It would have made the experience complete.

The current game feels very barebones at best, sure , the content that is there works well and functions and also the game looks ok. However, with stealth working as it currently does, makes the game trivial even on the harder levels, It’s super easy to avoid any kind of detection in the game. I’m not sure Why they hype this stealth mechanic , it’s really bad, and yet It’s the main thing with What they diffrentiate from X-COM.

I feel like you’re making what sounds like an objective statement “it’s really bad”, when it’s actually subjective. I really enjoy the stealth mechanic. I like watching all the guard patrols (especially the ones that overlap), scouting out the entire map, etc. I have seen agreeing posts by other people.

But I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way! And I have small suggestions I think would make the stealth feel much better (posted in another thread, but it boiled down to that even when you are ambushing someone, you need to keep behind them and set up overwatch to deal with a reaction when they spot you). But as it is, I started the game over again instantly and am still really enjoying doing those stealth bits. I’m probably just weird that way! :smile:

BTW, I just recently stumbled upon some really old threads on the Jagged Alliance 2 steam forums. There are some people that absolutely loathe the new XCOMs. Their main reason is because they do not do combat like JA2. They use the 2 AP + some things end your turn mechanic, instead of the more granular action points and stances, and individual bullet tracking of JA2. Which, okay, I get that a certain game or games aren’t for you, but the level of claiming XCOM was a bad game because it wasn’t this other game was astounding.

You enjoy the stealth mechanic ? Ok good for you :slight_smile: But it’s impossible to get noticed unless you fall asleep at your keyboard, It’s made like this to make you look smart and stealthy when it’s only about staying Out of the circles…

I don’t really understand your last part , yes I mentioned JA2 in my first Review, but only in conjunction with how exploring and controling of sectors work in that game. But it has nothing to do with my Review ,it was just an example on What they could have been doing with the explore part that is totally missing in MYZ

But sure XCOM(The new ones) , JA2 and Wasteland 2 they are all superior games to this one, to bad they missed that chance of making a truly great game, now It only came Out as an halffinished turnbased combat affair .

Look JEP !! It’s okey to like this game, I could have praised it aswell and told everyone What a fine game they made, but for me it’s more important to tell them What I really felt and when and If they make a second game it does NOT come Out this barebones.

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