Mutant year zero in humble monthly

Sigh… purchased this in the lunar sale for 30-35 euros. now it’s in the humble monthly for 12… that really leaves me salty.

I was looking into this game when it launched but thought it was still a bit pricey during the Lunar Sale. I was perplexed it was on Humble already, but at the same time, I bought it right up. If it would have been $20 sometime between full price and $12 I’d have bought it a lot sooner.

Then the game has to go and call me a cheater every save load for beating the MIMIR z800 and it sort of spoiled my enjoyment somewhat.

Yeah I just got it. this game actually flew under my radar due to me mostly playong PS4 over Xmas as RDR2 had just came out.

I love Xcom and strategic turn based games in general so I am glad I found it via Humble Bundle.

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LoL, it actually called you a cheater? I take it you didn’t cheat?

Nope! That’s what stings the most. Apparently there’s a few posts about it on Steam now too, I guess they bugged something with the newest DLC. I found a workaround though, if you get the message just exit the map, save, load that save and head back into the area you were in before and it will stop popping up when you load a save game.

The game also came out on ps4. I thought I remembered Playstation Access doing a little let’s play but nope, guess not.

I didn’t know the game had dlc. will have to check it out.

EDIT: ah the stalker stuff? I only got the game yesterday so not checked it out yet.

I got this game in the Humble Bundle. I was super excited about it. But it won’t even start. Just a black screen.

I’ve complained in the forums, but I have not heard anything at all. From what I can see there are a lot of people with this issue, but none of the devs are responding to the complaints.

I’m going to write Humble and ask for my money back.