Feedback and Nitpicks

Loving the game, surprisingly refreshing considering the settings, and even tho im not usually a big fan of this type of combat, after playing This is the Police 2, and now Mutant Year Zero im slowly converting :wink:

The following is some personal feedback after having finished my first playtrough.

  • Great to see the removal of Denuvo, but what about a full DRM-free release? maybe via GoG?

  • There is maybe 1 thing i really dislike about the game, and its how bulletspongy enemies become late game, specially considering how much damage they do in return on Hard and Very Hard. This kind of makes me want to play on Normal(easy), something i usually don’t do.
    On the other hand i love the no free-healing post combat, and no free-cooldown-resets linked to the higher difficulty settings.
    So for me its a little difficult to find an apropiated difficulty setting that fits my gameplay preferences.
    Ideally rather than just 3 static difficulty settings, there should be individual on/off toggles for different things, such as the afromentioned, as well as for permadeath and manual saves.

  • Why is there no option to sell/scrap armours, helmets, weapon upgrades and utilities(grenades and medkits)?

  • Why do collected “relics” stay visible in our inventory even tho we have already traded them in?

  • We should be able to see a preview of how the upgraded weapons will look like when hovering the mouse on the different level upgrades(we can already see the stats preview, so why not the model itself?).

  • We should be able to rotate our weapons on the upgrade shop.

  • We should be able to rotate our characters on the squad/inventory screen.

Other than that, not much else comes to mind, the ending was a tiny anti-climatic but works well for the most part. Im looking forward to the sequel/expansion. Keep up the good work.

PS: Here another thread with some good suggestions that i found: