Feedback and WHY?

Hi i’ve been playing your game lately and i have some things to say

First of all, please explain me why can’t you leave a combat if you try to flee ? this makes no sense. moreover ok i know this i from a tabletop or very inspired by it but SERIOUSLY WTF ?

enemy throwing molotov cocktail to the uppper floor THROUGH the floor ?!!!

Enemys firing a you with the bullet going through a wall a car and a tree ?

seriously guys, i was so hiped to play your game but i am SO DISAPOINTED, i really love x-com like game and i really like the shouting system of the PnP cyberpunk 2020 but, really, honestly, what you made is Sh*t it’s way too simple, ■■■■■, and sooooooooooooooo unfair but in the bad way. The story is cool but i really don’t know if i’ll finish the game seeing the way it’s going right now.

I love the story and the game excep the bugs.

Moth wings don’t work
Going up ladders in combat doesn’t work
Unable to sell Items still (suggestion offered up in 2018)
Aiming assist buggy (says you are going to hit, you hit what you are hiding behind instead)
I hope you will create a Year 1, updating this game would be helpful
Working on fixing bugs.
Funcom seriously after Secret World and Age of Conan, you would think you would learn to fix your bugs in a year or more.
I love the idea, please fix your bugs.

I get far in the game 18 places on map visited and heres my thoughts:

  • I like the style of game and freshness
  • graphics and sounds are very pleasent
  • it’s strange to me that enemies can detect u through walls even if u dont move in sneaking mode
  • it’s even more strange that enemes can’t spot u passing by very very close if u “hide”. I understand if it was in the bushes, but in front of them under the wall? lel
  • grenades isn’t much helpful, just shooting is more efficient
  • Im ejnoy story but its seems that game is little to short (I hoped for longer game for this price)
  • everytime I click left mouse button in save or load menu mouse cursor dissapear until return to game
  • sometimes somebody shoot through walls or other obstacles
  • also I noticed that some locations had compass direction issue (exit from Grogg Den is on south on my compass)

Best regards :wink:

Hey @Shadeonyx and @Even2Horiz0N,

Some of these seem to be bugs. Please create detailed threads on them if possible :wink: