The fundamentals

Hey funcom and forum foreigers. I just want to express how much potential I think this game has. Its a survival game with rpg elements. Its badass, other survuval games become kinda lame pretty soon after the initial surviving phase.

That being said I wish the devs would improve the game, Im not talking about added dlcs but just the basic functions. I play on ps4 and the game skips and stutters even in offline mode. I recently played on a full 40 person pvp server and the game was unplayable. After the last major patch me and my friends I play with cannot select our spawn point after death instead we get autospawned at the desert and have to kill ourself once again to respawn at our base. We have had pets randomly disappear (not die from hunger). Broken thralls that no longer run after you but teleport or phase to you after you run a certain distance ahead and they also stop fighting totally, just leave them out to die and find new ones I guess nbd. My buddy has a ps4 pro and he sometimes cant see npc camps and npcs, he is constantly asking if hes running into something that wont render for him. Sometimes chests in the npc camps are blank, they dont even have inventory spaces when you open them.

Again I really like this game, thats why its so frustrating when I play it because while some of these thing are somewhat minor and just inconvenient, other things just break the experience. Im not asking for immersion, more functions or skins, being able to ride your tiger, or lead an army of thralls against a boss in solo mode. Im just saying I bought your product, fix your ****ing game bruuhh. Take example from No Man’s Sky, they delivered an unfinished product, small team, and instead of hiding from the fans like these big dev companies do in fallout 76 and mass effect andromeda, they released free dlcs and patches. Your game is broken to a degree and you guys are releasing paid dlcs…whats the point of buying a dlc if I cant play the game cause it stutters so bad I cant kill a low level enemy. Take note that gamers are loyal to those dev companies that care about the gamers experience.

Hey though thanks for all the hard work that brought this game into development. You know finance an some logistics n stuff. Now if we could only rant like this to our political leaders ehhh

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