Feedback after playing the game

Hey guy I played the game and I must say I am overall satisfied but here is some feedback.

  • No option to setup an attack better, because you cannot use skills outside of combat (frog jump as example).

  • Cannot sell items in the Ark.

  • For myself I find the amount of weapons that are available a little bit low especially silent weapons.
    Gets you the feeling like you are making no progress even tho you can upgrade them to a certain point.

  • As above also for the armor and helmets. Maybe would be a nice feature that you also can upgrade your armor and helmets with scrap?

  • For myself the AI may be abit smarter. If I have 2 enemies standing next to each other. And I shoot 1 down in 1 round with silent weapons the other 1 won’t even notice while he is standing next to him.

There are the major points I have.

By seeing the ending you are thinking to make a second entry if it sells well?
Overall a good game. Keep up the good work.