General Ideas I've had over the course of 400 hours

Hey, love the game, have been here since damn near the start of EA and I love the progress.

+New box sorting: By Type (Weapon, armor) , Bye Rarity (stone > Iron > dafari > etc etc)
+Aesthetic: A slot for facial jewelry (or an actual backpack/sack slot!)
+Aesthetic: Tree Chopping to be more like stone. (The chops will show the trunk having the bark rended from it.)
+Give foods more special effects to make crafting a variety more worthwhile for different playstyles
+Early food storage like a vase you put salt in then meats.
+Aesthetic: Sometimes have arrows stick in the shield.

I am not a game developer or a designer of any kind, thus, I do not know how hard it will be to add these features. These are just a collection of ideas that I felt like would be cool as I played. Otherwise, I love the game when the bugs aren’t slapping me in the face and I love the DLC stuff so far. :slight_smile: