New Content, May I Suggest We Focus On...Some Suggestions..!?

Hi all. As we well know there has been much deliberation regarding new content lately, ranging from when it is coming, to what it should focus on and include. I for one would like to see a focus on making some of the most frequently requested and most ‘liked’ suggestions finally find their way into the game. Please dont misunderstand this thread as being ungrateful for the current state of affairs or additions so far. Quite the opposite, the Unnamed City update really hit it right out of the park, and I feel that the game is now in the best place it has been in for many months. However, some of the most frequently requested, suggested and highly voted additions have been ‘under consideration’ for many months now. I both hope and would also like to suggest that we focus on getting some of these more popular ones into the game as a key priority. Here are some examples of the more popular ones:

Make the Maproom in Unnamed City functional, Armour Display Racks/Mannequins, Fruit Trees, more T1 and T2 building options, customisable Hair & Beard stlyes, hot baths/bathouses, the ability to raise snakes as pets, musician thralls, and of course…more placeables!

Of course that is only the ones I could recall. In a previous reply from a Funcom CM, they mentioned that they had amassed a healthy sized list of suggestions which they were looking into. I say make a ‘Suggestions Pack’ for an upcoming content update. Pleeaase…!


I still like suggestion as ideas for what we would see “maybe” in the game.
Or simply some stuff we dream about.

Suggestions shouldn’t never be a rant, pushing up old treads we have seen over and over like… nope… i wan’t talk about it here, don’t worry. :wink:

Of course, lower tier building elements are in my top list. Other stone colors for other biomes to start with. Other materials maybe, ever more precair, and with a faster decay. Branch-huts, walls made out of tatch, buildable tents and shelters.

Decorations of course. I love decorate my bases, create nice sceneries. Mostly i use mods for that, but some stuff would be great in base game. Maybe also some collection we can get over time around the map. Collection of urnes or jars we can only get at some special places, or after doing this or that. This would of course also work with lot other stuff.

Pets yes, really pets. Some babies for example, are super cute when we spot then in the wild. But then we drop them in our pen, then become an icon, then we get an adulte. The cute baby is gone for ever ! :smirk:
I’m sure people would love to have them to. Sure, they should not to easy to get. Maybe we would need a special potion/food/recipe to give them while taming them, so they stay a baby. An item we have to explore or fight for.

I know, decorations, and props are performance heavy, and people may love them to much, and clutter bases with, so i think one of the reason we don’t see to much of them. So making it not to easy (not an grind) but still a bit work to get them, would be fine.

Then of course, more lore, lore related items, ghosts, storylines, mysteries and such ! :heartbeat:
I think that’s one of my bigest wish, see more story, more results, hidden things, and yes mysteries. :kissing:

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Toss up, Several really good ones, (few of them my own) like Flag land claim over foundations, which would end the trash all over map and “roads” connecting bases.

And some of simple ones I would love to see…
Short Hair Japanese style I want in game… (You know, being a girl who just wants 1 good hair style, lol)

I get in Online, this is issue. In Single player, not so much. But since Online and Offline can’t be separated at this time… shame.
I want Deco trees. (5 to 6 types) But idea was shot down twice by “people will spam them”
And its like…they already do that with torches to worst effects. >_<

Outside that, there more basic clothes, some hair styles, alot of small things I want.

Few more small caves. (snowny north has several mountains with no caves… )
Jungle itself, plently of spot to sneak a small hanuman size cave in)

baby animals as pets be nice, they’d have walk around a 3x3 spot, otherwise…not as cute, to me anyway.
Inless I command a wolf pup or wolf to “lay down” at foot of bed. XD

Lastly on my MUST have list, is Custom outfit on crafter thralls. This Turban and Aporn stuff has got to go…


I mean, if you play singleplayer like you stated, and only that mostly, why avoid mods ?

Nearly all you described can be done with mods. More hairs, armours, clothes, and deco, oh my, so many mods do nice deco stuff.
There mods for animals to. While most will not walk around, they have mostly small anims , and anyway, at my eyes a hyena puppy is still cuter than the adult version. But this may be my taste, i don’t know. :joy:

I think, hairstyles should stay game and world related, and fitting the whole style. Again, this is personal, so here to, mods may do a pretty good job. We have all different wishes and tastes, and after all, it’s also fun to change after a while, in a new playtrough. Variations and changes are also a pleasure. :wink:

And yes, trees of course, there are mods with trees.
Like you said to, vanilla trees online, especially on official servers could be a mess if everybody can spawn them where ever they want.
Torches and such are especially bad, because to much light-sources can simply not be handled.

More caves to build smaller shelters in would be nice, i agree. I remember when i started, i was often looking for natural shelters and caves. They spare and most don’t provide good shelter, if at all. They changed it bit at some locations over time, witch is fine.

Ps4 user, so we get a huge middle finger on this stuff with side order of mooning. XD

I agree, but Short Hair style is fairly common for ages now, and would likely be part of lore.
I refer it to Japanese style, as its common among woman here. But it is heavily Asian.

Most of styles in game, few of them arent to bad, but cover ears. I use flip over mo-hawk myself, Pony tial one is nice, till Hair Animation turn off, and you got a piece of poop hanging form your head. XD

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Yes, i know, unfortunately you can not use mods. :unamused:
I love hair-mods, that’s.
But yes, long hair, while some looks nice, are not still that when it comes to combination with armours and stuff. I hate cliping, so yes.

Maybe a hair-dlc ? :laughing:

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I’d go for a barber shop in Sepurmerupurururururu or however the town is spelt. XD
they can tie in, Conan Chop Chop with it.


That would be a possibility fitting in game, i agree.
Different barber-shops around the map, with different hairstyle depending where you are that you can gather so.

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Lots of people say the same things! Barber in Seperm… eru… Lmao

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Yeah the amount of requests I have seen for a Barber at Supermeru so players can change their hair and beard styles is huge. Less rainfall in the Highlands was another if memory serves me correctly.

Some of these such as the ‘make the Map Room in the Unnamed City functional’ have so much in the way of practical benefits to offer too. Especially in a world after the awesome Unnamed City update.

The two which have been calling to me the most over time are the Armour Display Mannequins/Racks (another one which has been requested VERY often), and the other surprise winner for me is the Fruit Trees of all things. I would love to be able to just pick a variety of fruits, much like the Desert and Highland berries, but which differ depending on which biome you are in.

Can anyone else think of some often requested or highly voted suggestions we missed?


Being able to change the clothes of workbench thralls has been requested countless times, as has the option to pick whether your character & thralls shave their pits/nethers (like in Frazetta/Valejo artwork) or go au naturale.


While that would actually be pretty cool Vattende, the locals at most places outside of Supermeru would seem to rather cut us than our hair. :laughing:

Oh a BIG yes please to that one. I would give you 2 ‘likes’ for that one if I could Larathiel.

They need appropriate work attire which is issued based on their professions. For example, I would love to give my Cooks a blacksmith aapron and gloves dyed white.


Workbench Thrall clothing changes would be nice (We know mods do this, on pc not console, stop pointing it out). As would being able to change a hairstyle, or makeup on the female characters. If you can dye your clothes, why not your hair?


I agree speedice, and just hypothetically speaking of course, if I were to implement this feature I would include a colour option too. We have numerous coloured ‘dyes’ already available to people. Whether or not its a good idea to put such dyes in you hair is irrelevant. I dont doubt that some barbarian somewhere would have tried to pour colourant all over his hair.

That’s true, i admit, but wouldn’t this be a reason more to introduce some if not friendly, at least not hostile faces.
While i can understand that most exiled will try to survive at all cost, some should still be friendlier, even try get maybe some help. I would love run in some people runing away from camps, asking for help, or what ever. Actions don’t need be long, and could be various.
Would add some life and immersion more.


Awww, boooooo. Just as we were all getting ready to type.

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You cited me, and told that some content should be in base game, because i suggested a mod.

Sure, i agree, some content would be lovely in the vanilla game. Unfortunately it’s not still the case, and, like you said to, the HP-slider for creatures and bosses is still missing in the settings. This is obvious when you play singleplayer, and i know how frustrating or simple tiresome it can be.

Don’t worry, i want tell you that i can beat this or that boss barehand. Sure, can, but not still want grind 1 hour, and i don’t have the time to. It’s not fun to stab, roll, heal for over an our, ever if possible, especially if not your first run.

I love play singleplayer, ever if i play also on servers from time to time. So actually mods are my choice to make it still fun. I play since EA, so yes, mods add much more and give me lot replayability.

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No problem, that how i did understand it.
But it was just part of an other discussion about hairs. Hair are very personal taste, and still subject to discussion, so a mod can be handy. Quotes a fine, but they can mean all and nothing taken out of context. :wink:

But of course, like i said to in my answer, some features would be better in the vanilla game, and not as modded content or change.
Just they’re helping lot while waiting on the wished implementation, if ever. The hp-slider for bosses is a perfect example.

**And not available to consoles. Don’t forget that. And like private servers only good until the mod creator quits updating it when patches come out.