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Hey everyone its nearing the end of the year and we have yet to get a major update again and there is still alot on their to do list. I am not sure what the devs are currently up to but unless they are overtiming like crazy i doubt we will get the rest of the to do list implemented in game. We are also just before the time they had originally released their yearly plan. Seeing as the last one was posted January 31, This feels like a wonderful time to suggest this. A large portion of the community seems to want more land to explore however the devs have stated that the exiled lands will not be growing further. So the next logical step is a brand new map. I know they have made off handed comments about such things making certain items on their to do list easier so they may actually be working on one. But here is a list we can make for the devs as the vocal bit of the community to show them what we want to see in a new map and that we want one!. So please fill this out with your wonderful ideas.

Things i would like to see in a new map.

  1. Extensive underground cave system where we can build underground bases. I loved the caves in this game but i was seriously disappointed that we were unable to build in. That was a huge irritation for me. So i would like to see a cave system we can live in that spans the under side of the map. From mountain top entrances to under water one and even surface caves that is something i really want to see as it will add a whole new dimension to the map.

  2. Extensive water biomes. Yes we have an ocean, However it is contained to one side of the map and the exiled lands wouldn’t even need boats. What i would like to see are islands underwater life vast rivers fish plants the works. Give us a reason to build bridges and reasons to want and need boats!

  3. Unusual biomes. places like the shattered springs provide unique building opportunity but such locations often house valuable resources that people wouldn’t build around for fear of despawning them. So how about similar biomes without major resources. Perhaps something along the lines of an active Volcano’s water fall that can only be entered every now and again. Providing a new layer of defense or an unusual look. or fissure biomes that are deep scars in the ground forcing players to build on walls and have to raid by different methods.

  4. Special weather systems. I know the game rains and has thunderstorms and even sand storms and snow storms but thats about it. There are so many different kinds of weather that are around boimes. Lightning storms, Tornados, Heat waves, blizzards and so many more.

  5. Catastrophic events. A map featuring random meteor shows that strike random spots on the map providing star metal all over, Earth quakes land slides, mud slides, avalanches, Tsunamis and much more. Forcing people to build in certain ways to be able to survive in such locations.

I am sure i will think of more i want to see what do the rest of you all want to see?


Well, these ideas are very interesting and quite dramatic which I like! I just don’t know if stuff like earthquakes and Tsunamis are possible? I like your new biome ideas and the underground area sounds cool but probably won’t be an option due to pvp and the importance to summon an avatar…they wont be able to fit. But more and buildable caves. Yes please! I would love some danger in the waters! Swimming creatures and being able to attack! Sounds great.
I only had the one weather idea where the looming dread of sandstorms for the desert area gets extended up North with blizzards. Temperature drops, damaging icy winds and another use for our storm mask.


A giant underground cave like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” would be an awesome map. The Volcano could serve as the “sun” providing light and heat (if its burning magnesium, the light would be bright as well) in the very distant ceiling. It would give way to bioluminescence in some of the more darker regions (plants, animals, glowing crystals, etc). A giant lake (ocean) could provide shores and other waterways (perhaps its a seasonal ocean that drastically dries up to a small lake and later refills to its normal size).

It would also give you the option to open up giant mushroom forests and perhaps “spore cloud” choking hazards in some areas (requiring a mask to breathe). And it could also open up Prehistoric plant and animal life for new creatures to hunt or be hunted by. New tribes of people could also be discovered living down there (coping with their environment - maybe adapting some of their previous culture to the underworld). Depending on how you designed this underground ‘lost’ world, it could be something really amazing.

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All of these ideas are quite nice!

However, if possible, I would like to see some resource improvements for the jungle biome. In it’s current state, it’s just the desert tier with a green re-color in terms of materials you can get. Make it more harsh and equivalent to the highlands biome in terms of resources. Add more thralls and a new storm, maybe something like an insect or locust swarm.

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Or maybe Gripper Vines that kill animals (and unsuspecting people) or even giant venus flytraps to grab up small bunnies (and attempt to grab larger animals and people). Let the jungle come alive!

Snakes dropping from tree branches (pythons and anacondas).

You could also add things like tar pits and quicksand danger areas.

Monsoon rains with high winds could also be added to ‘upgrade’ the storming weather.


Lol your first idea sounded dangerously close to what ark did with aberration so perhaps not go that close they might scream copy right infringement. Though yes an underground world that was beneath the surface of the map would be lovely. No one said the caves had to be to small for an avatar or they could be large enough for things like set and maybe a reason to add Xath god of spiders. Giving two gods that function underground.

As for if things are possible they are and i’ve seen them else where some on lower end games some on medium teir games. It just depends on how much work they are willing to put into it.

Well, Journey to the Center of the Earth was written in 1864 by Jules Verne. It was made into a film in 1959 and again in 2008. If anything, the idea has been around for quite a while. Maybe the people at Ark Survival drew inspiration from what Jules Verne started? So there’s no danger of copyright infringement as long as the devs don’t “copy and paste” from Ark into CE. If they design their own trees, crystals, animals, and so forth, they’ve got nothing to worry about.

Yeah i know ark got that from them though i was just making a joke lol. From some the things i’ve red Wildcard and Funcom don’t get along.

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To back up number 2 - piracy on the high seas! The ability to build ships to explore the ocean biome!

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Yeah that was the idea behind boat. I don’t want a little raft or nothing i want a full blown freaking warship. Go full on ziganian pirate!

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I agree with everything here. Specially the ocean biome. This Idea of the devs leaving the map as it is, is beyond absurd. We need more stuff!!! you can see al the map in a month.

The see with islands would be perfect for the game. I would also say I would like a bigger dessert to the south that dune see where you start is beautifull. I would have it continue down, maybe place a couple of high tier creatures to discourage new players into going down and a forgotten city at the end just like in Red Nails or the Slithering Shadow (2 of my favorite Conan Stories)

It is rather unfortunate that they have no intention of extending the map further. However i did review the way it was built and it makes sense that they won’t be. The only logical step is for them to make a new map. That is why this list was created this should be the next big step for conan exiles for us to move out of the exiled lands and into the world of conan!

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