Game needs. (My opinion)

The game needs to expand the exile map, it is missing a part to the north east and NEEDS EVENTS to put new towns or a city with events CHALLENGES to do with rewards, the map should be more alive, it is the moders who do new things and They give it more life and travel, please it is an incredible game but they are going to kill it, what the players really want and they are ignored is to expand the map of exile and that there are more challenges and put events challenges with rewards, the Latest updates was not exactly what players want, there are some good things yes, but the game needs to bring it to life or they will destroy it. Sorry for my English.

Due to already high load in terms of the el lands are already a strain on the system and if they keep expanding it the current engine might start to fail or not work at all but no new lands per say but the el will receive more updates and new things but they cannot keep expanding the map itself otherwise it might start not function at all but the will bring new content and further optimization and stability that they may be able to do it in the future but I support your idea but only time can tell what the future holds

Not much room for expansion that side…

Just north of jungle is abit of blank space, But Abit further and east of Volcano, many of Dungeons are hidden out there.

As post above mentions, the load times as is are pretty long. I think theres room for abit of more caves about map and some minor edge pushes.

Whole frozen north that could use abit of things, to make it worth going up there. North of Jungle (past Bay) some nice fields that could be nice forest with some world bosses tucked in.

Not to much play room… you push to far, you starts to see these crazy grey boxes floating in air. and one of them you see weird cave structures if you get to close. XD

I can’t seem find screen caps… I posted them before, along with small video of Giant Croc that walks beyond green wall.

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