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U know a free map update the north east chunk of the map is empty. U can put some islands and ocean you know the snowy are but some land and ocean and boom it might just take 2 months

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Hey there,

See the Map page on the wiki for explanation on limitations with expanding the map.

I would also recommend expanding your suggestion with some examples and reasons the developers should implement the suggestion.


ok thank you

wait do where do u play xbox or ps4 or pc


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its very good right

Console performance is not optimized, which limits how much can be rendered at once.
I don’t believe platform is relevant for this suggestion otherwise, as gameplay itself is not impacted (eg. combat can feel different between pc and console controls). The Exiled Lands map is also the same on both pc and console.

are u a botur creeping me out cause im new to this really im creep out

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No, I’m a person, not a bot. I don’t play the game myself -I mostly contribute to the wiki-, so I can’t answer your question on what platform I play.

It’s unlikely the developers will expand the Exiled Lands map except for dungeons, see the page I linked above for why that is. You can improve your suggestion with this information in mind.
For the rest, I’m just saying what I know. I’d like to keep the thread on-topic and as far as I’m aware map expansion is independent of platform. You haven’t explained why it is relevant to your suggestion in any of your posts. Could you tell me, please?

ur saying things all over again thats what im terrifed sorry ma

no i just say so i can play with you

LFG has its own subforum where you can post (Servers and recruitment) :wink:

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I was under the impression that this section of the map is where all the dungeons are and that’s why it cant be used to expand the map but might be wrong?


To the best of my knowledge you are correct. Checking the interactive map on the wiki and filtering for ‘Worldbosses’ shows the actual locations of those world bosses within the exiled lands - many of them are located outside the boundaries of the cursewall, within these ‘empty’ areas.

It would be great if Exiles map was expanded further with new places to explore and new types of npcs added.

I would certainly buy if the new expansions require extra payment. (Tightens the belt up, Wallet’s ready)

He plays on the Xbox, from what else I’ve seen him post. There is a mod for the PC which does add some playable area to the map around here:

It’s bounded in the northern area because it would collide where some dungeons are located. Of course, that’s not an option for the consoles.

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Thanks for reminding this. I have seen the special mod and the admin’s talk. He was pretty busy with balancing things about purges.

The south as grasslands instead of sands and the north as green forests similar to highlands.

I really wish Funcom devs offically introduce things that dont clash as updates vs mods. (Nothing like the official guarantee from the creator Development team)


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