Exiled Lands - Can we expect anything new on this map?


This morning, when I was playing, I had the map open and was just looking at it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed that the map contains many areas that basically don’t exist; they’re empty, and I wonder if we can expect an update in the future that would add something new in this style as well. I mean, the map has enough. But considering that the player can move quickly thanks to mounts," and I’m sure that in the future there will be more of those options, it wouldn’t be bad at all if the map got an update and even more things were added. I marked places on the map where I can personally imagine something new.

What do you think about it?

PS: I assume that it might have been planned in the past, but somehow it didn’t happen. Overall, it looks like something else should have been added, but probably the developers weren’t interested in it.

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next time you’re in an instanced dungeon, look at the map and see where you are. Chances are you are in one of these locations.


I think that it may be an option for the future plans, but I would say that new content of those measures would take up too much data space. Even now every new update and small new content in the game means x GB of additional data to take up.

Not to mention that there is still much to do, considering various ongoing problems. In my opinion the blank spaces on the map are there for the case there might be some new area or biome in future, but I would not count on it in near future.

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The last three updates in a row have added new content to the exiled lands map. I guess it never will be enough

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So those empty spaces is where the dungeons are. The probably wont place anything over there cause the dungeon is invisible from the outside until your in it, the big space right of the volcano is where the Well of Skellos is, the bottom left of the map weirdly enough is where the Sunken Temple is completely on the other side of where the boat is, but its basically why you can take the other exit in the dungeon to sepamaru since you’re so close. There are reports of players dying near those dungeons and respawning inside of them because the game spazes out a little and thinks you’re supposed to be in there, so they probably want to avoid that as much as they can. that being said there’s plenty of areas around the map that can be fleshed out like Mek Kamoses’s spire to add new content, i hope thats what they do. Like that door with the prisoners behind it over by the Den who we inevitably kill by pulling all the switches, a way to finally get them outta there would be really cool.


I am not writing about simple props but about zones or biomes that could be added. Try to read my post at least five times; maybe then you will understand.

I remember looking at the map and thinking there must be something cool in the M3/4 area and then heading over and realizing it’s actually blocked by the ghost fence.


Yeah there’s alot of out of bounds areas that look interesting, over in H 10 theres this perfect circle to the right of the Jill caves then i realized it was the hole in the cave ceiling deep in the there…hmm which makes me think, they can expand the map “Under” the ghost fence.

I doubt we’ll get more than what we already have. The current map size is the pretty much the limit the Unreal Engine 4 can deal with without behaving erratically. We’re already seeing it when thralls drop through the map, animals rising into the air and such. Any new area would be in a new instance. Of course, if the game was upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.2, map size would hardly be any problem.


Short answer is no.

Full answer is the areas you pointed out are in use. They are where the dungeons are. The map is how it will be. The devs have stated that they can’t add any more playable area for some tech reason. Can’t remember what.


I wonder how much space they could free up if they remove like a 4th of the boulders, rocks and pebbles around the map absolutely no one harvests, same goes for bushes and trees as well. There’s a ton of boulders underwater too, that no one ever touches.

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None. It’s not a matter of performance, it’s a matter of the game engine physics being able to handle only so much surface. Although I understood from one of the more recent streams that the current limits are not absolute, filling a significant portion of those empty areas is still probably not going to work.


River boats of exiled lands fills up the south part, between the jungle and the newbie area and a mod I can’t remember its name that fills up the whole NW area with a dense forest can run without issues.
And the caves are under the map (usually), so that couldn’t cause interferences.

Sure thing.

Something to keep in mind, though: mods don’t need to worry about all details because they don’t need to work on officials, and they don’t need to work on consoles. So just because something is doable by a mod doesn’t mean it’s necessarily as easily doable on all platforms.


I don’t agree that it always works this way.

If you are in the “Midnight Groove” dungeon, on the map, you see your character in the location where the entrance to that dungeon is located. The dungeon is there despite the fact that there is already some environment around it, so I don’t think this is the reason.

For example, if you are in “The Black Keep”, according to the map, your character is completely off the map, somewhere in the upper left corner. That’s a part of the map that really couldn’t be used in any way, so I can totally understand it there.

So this completely refutes the claim that the dungeon must be located only in empty areas where there is nothing else.

Could you trim the starting desert to just be paths and gain some space? So much wasted space that does nothing outside of expression of vast isolation in the start of the game.


Oh, this subject yet again :yawning_face:
One of these threads gets going every 3 month or so.

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What you are seeing when you look at the map is not accurate. If you admin yourself out of the cures wall zone and fly around you will find the various dungeons in the “Supposedly” unused space.

I could go digging and write up yet another comprehensive recap of what the devs have said and what knowledgeable modders like Multigun explained on top of that, but I have no intention of doing that.

Every time anyone has made an effort to explain these things, all they ever got back is pushback ranging from simple denial (like in this thread) to outright hostility and abuse.

Every. Single. Time.

There’s a koan that describes what’s going on in these cases:

People who ask these questions don’t want answers. They want to be told what they wish.


no, it only proves that you really have no idea about it or, as codemage has already said, simply don’t want to have it. I would recommend you to download the devkit and check it yourself, but that would require that you are really interested in facts. since I don’t have this impression at the moment, I will spare myself this suggestion…