New biomes on "Exiled Lands"?

When I started playing, I noticed that the map was not completely finished … Will new biomes be added on the “Exiled Lands” map? I think it was not bad to complete the map!

Hi from what I have read the map is finalised/finished, the vacant spaces are set aside so that dungeons can be added. I don’t know if the vacant space is all used up. I was reading an interview with Funcom where a new map was being discussed, this might be an opportunity to explore new biomes?

I understood. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: I was thinking empty spaces for new biomes :slight_smile:

The map is “finished” and that’s why there are some mods that improve the “main” map and make it much more attractive, because Funcom can’t do it?

At the moment, even if they “wanted” to add to the Exiled Lands map, they are concentrating on game mechanics and Isle of Siptah map since that is still in Early Access at this point. They do want to release the full edition sometime this year.

Also they are concentrating on consoles fixes which apparently takes longer than PC issues.

I recall they stating they were not going to expand the map beyond the dungeons they had planned, which I think they all were released prior to Siptah.

Main concern with adding more to the map (even when possible) is stability of the servers with the expansion. A bigger concern for servers with lots of players which taxes the server as it is. How would it handle a land expansion on top of it. Granted, server with fewer players, (or single play) this is not a concern, but Funcom has to look at the whole picture.

As you mentioned, there is Darkwoods (mod expansion) and really the last decent spot on the map that could be expanded - the way the map is currently laid out. Above Darkwoods in the Volcano Dungeon so that is the limit on the NE section of the map.

Yes there are other spots on the map, NW - ice lands and SW - desert have gaps as well. I am not sure these could be utilized well as map expansion in the current look of the map. Assuming there are no dungeons hidden in those spots.

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Funcom won’t do it. There, I fixed it for you. Btw, that’s really fine, since Exiled Lands is a complete product that can have you sink thousands of hours into.

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