New Exiled Lands

I couldn’t overhear the fact that you said the northeastern spot of the map will remain blank due to the limitations of the U4 engine. But of course, many people wanted some diversity.

A elegant excuse would be to make a completly new land. You can keep the same Biomes but a different map layout. For instance an Archipiel would be great, specially if you decide to add ships and each Island , to where it’s settled, has it’s own biome (Jungle, Desert, snow, etc).

You don’t even have to change the lore and create new dungeons for that specific new map. Keep the same dungeons, the same lore… just, like it’s said before, change the overall map, like a “remastered” version or “alternate” version of the original map. Hell, make it a DLC


Coz the map is so huge, I would like to be able to download each portion separately. It’s not wise to limit the joy just because the devs want us to have all the biomes fresh even if we don’t want to move from where we are.

There are no reasons to not cut the map in pieces so we can explore them based on our progression pace, direction and liking. Why not allow us admins to limit the map to our liking? If I want my range to only reach the whole desert area, let me have it. If my bro wants to have the jungle area, let him have that instead. We can visit each others’ maps anyhow so all’s good.

Sometimes facing a hardware limitation is a blessing in disguise.

Did you read my post? My suggestion has had nothing to do with expanding the map or Limiting the map.

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Just pointed out this and a way to circumvent it.

The rest came from this.

I know why the won’t expand the map, hence I said " due to the limitations of the U4 engine"

Exactly, they should do a whole new world map, but keep the dungeons in them in case they don’t want to allow people to swap servers with one map or another. It’s not Ark after all.

It’s just to bring more diversity overall since they “CAN’T EXPAND THE MAP ANY FURHTER” so " THEY CAN MAKE A NEW ONE"

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Oh man, it would be really cool to have different variations of the exiled lands. Indeed if I thought it could be done without introducing a slew of crippling bugs, I’d love to see an option to procedurally generate a unique map from a reproducable seed number when creating a new save.

In this way, players could maintain a curated list of compelling map seeds and rotate thru them on seasonal servers.

what would be great too, a Map creator. I’m sure there are plenty of people that could make awsome maps. just like the map we got


You mean similar to how ARK: Survival Evolved has multiple maps to play on? Granted most actually need to be unlocked by completing the game, Funcom could do the same with this, it could actually act as an incentive to clear the game.


Oh man, I spent sooo many hours in Unreal Editor back in the day doing exactly that. I’d definitely need to win the lottery if that came to pass, because I can’t see me not losing my job soon thereafter! :sweat_smile:


Awesome! That would be pretty awesome indeed

  • 1 to this, also intel how to make maps without loading issues the current one has.
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There is a game called Dark and Light, which solves that problem. creating a new server with a new map and making it possible to travel or transfer the old map to the new one without problem without limitations.
travel between worlds with your character the only downside is the inventory that can not be carried

Yes I agree a whole new map that your character has to travel to once the bracelet is removed and has a large involvement with the kingdom politcs of the conan continuity, such as the fall of Aquilonia to the Pict invation or a war between the Khitan and Yamatai empires. Just a thought

I actually thought that removing the bracelet would allow us to travel into distant lands. Bummer really. :smile:

Maybe another stand-alone game would be in order down the road? More like a sequel with the extension Conan Avengers, Conan Brigands or Conan The Forsaken or Conan Vengeance of the Wronged or something. Since the map can’t be extended due certain limitations, why not make an alternative title? Same mechanics, but in a different part of the world (similar to pokémon franchise).

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I’d like to see armors/weapons/thralls balanced and fixed first. While it would be nice having the whole map filled or a new one, it’s the least of our problems right now


Conan Exiles: Absolution. Vengence is cliche and severely over done lol. But id rather see an extension to the existing rather than a stand alone sequel. Heaven forbid I make this analogy but an additional world map beyond the cursed wall that can only be accessed after bracelet removal much like Ark’s map boss overseer completion. Though the Ark team did that progression first, I firmly believe the Funcom team could do it significantly better.

I like it.


I know of Ark as much as one might interpret as the level of heresy. In other words, I have no idea what you just said. :joy:

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Lol basicly I played and hosted an Ark server but after discovering Conan Exiles lets just say I have no intention of returning to Ark. However to answer your question on Ark once you have gotten past the survival stage and to a stable situation you go fight thre tiers of arena bosses to open access to a map boss called an Overseer upon defeating the Overseer your character and all their stats are uploaded to be transfered to the next map, however all items and pets are left behind unless they were manually uploaded prior to the entry into Overseer lair.

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Interesting concept.

" I agree these posts, also it would be great to know about the loading issue map has so we can make new maps, maybe we could get intel how should new maps be made so the issue is fixed in new upcoming maps.
Tutorials of how to make maps the right way ?
It would breath new life to Conan like it did with Ark "

Anyone have info about this or know any devs that could help us ?