Any plans for map expansion

I have not seen anything in a long time about the possibility of adding biomes or something expanding the map in any way.

Are there any plans for this at all?

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Looks like we wait for 3.0. Cross fingers and :crossed_fingers: wish.


Man I wish. It’s such a shame they couldnt have added SIptah to the original landmass. The exiles map is awesome but some extra terrain would be so good.


We can’t expand the current maps, as this is a limitation on the UE4.0. It’s possible we could have another map, but what Biome are we currently missing between the two maps?

Islands, ocean biome. Enable sailing and I also agree with the fishing concept. Maybe put intergalactic travel? This is a game where your guy is on another planet.

I’d love an all/mostly snow map. Not gonna happen though, or at least not any time soon.

I think at Best… anything with Exiles Lands would be small… or just extended.

Already a long loading map. Only so much you cna add before its to much. (Console get left behind…)

I kinda hope for New Map… If they can go way Of Ark with New Map every year, and working server transfers.

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I would like to see a huge amount of territory and diversity expanded from Siptah. I do not want to be forced to play what is essentially 2 different games to play different biomes.

Siptah feels pretty small to me, so I would like it to be at least 10x its current size with every biome type from exiled lands plus some.

Underground and cloud-city biomes could both rock.

I think the Volcano area feels like a biome, but it’s technically 2 dungeons.

Seria muy buena desicion por parte de la empresa a completar el mapa…estaria fabuloso un mapa gigante y completo.


To be honest I rather they move on from Siptah and make a well mixed map like the exiled lands again but with the newer textures and features. More lore, no rng, bigger and diverse biomes, weather system that makes armor matter again. Make it a survival game again.

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