Open up the Map

Just wanted to say that most appreciate your dedication to your work and this game. I myself and the individuals on my server are very excited about 3.0 and everything within it. But I do have a question about the main map the exiles. I’ve played this game since it rolled out and I still enjoy. I’ve had my server for over 3 year’s and in that time there hasn’t been new parts opened up for the map. I know there is more to the map because as admin I can teleport to the hidden land’s. Lands that are very nicely put together. Why not open at least some of this land mass? It would bring people back and give the ones that never left more to explore. Again it’s been 3 year’s since any new map additions have been added to the exiles. Everyone that I’ve spoken to have expressed their desire to see these lands available for them to play on. Open up the map and see the population grow once more.

Long Story short…they cant.
2 things,
Some of that area “houses” dungeons.
And coding wise, the farther away from the map center, the buggie code gets gets. Again research it if you want to jnderstand how code works from 0,0 map location and .db size erc. Sure with optimization they could stretch out the green wall some, but really why not jist clean up what we already have instead.

I’m owner and operator of Valhalla Rising Inc. not only do we provide servers for people to play on but we also code servers for console and PC for multiple game platforms. There’s no way they can’t open up the map more, especially when it is already programmed into the game and technically it’s already loaded. If it wasnt then you wouldn’t be able to teleport to it and run around it. Now I’m not saying it wouldn’t take work and additional programming to upload dungeons and bosses/thralls and camps but it is most definitely a possibility. Not to mention they have already spoken about opening up more of the exiles in previous year’s for past updates but never did. I personally believe they all intend to eventually do it but it just hasn’t been the right time. Funcom is a right time type of company for sure

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