Can Funcom actually support two seperate maps?

I’m a huge fan of Conan exiles and have been since release. I’ve been pretty vocal and more than a little salty on here over the years but still love the game. This has me worried though. Getting this devs attention to get help or answers of any kind has and always will be a bit of an uphill battle with funcom. Bugs and exploits take them A LONG time to address. I’m concerned that that situation will only get worse with funcom doubling their content. They already seem to struggle with staying on top of supporting the existing map. Can any of the devs confirm that extra people will be working with supporting the new map or is it just going to be the same numbers trying to cover twice the content?? Can this team actually handle or are you over reaching here image

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good question.

Maybe, no new dungeon will come on exiles land, but new features, yes…I think.

There’s 4556 changes to the old map.

That’s the actual number of blueprint changes. That’s not an exaggeration. So I’d say they’re capable of maintaining the old stuff.

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Probably not, but who am i to say that ¯\(ツ)

There’s 4556 changes to the old map.

“this is not on top of our priority list, so we won’t fix it right now”


Now its maintenance for the new + old map, given that the old still has some serious issues, you get the idea

Fingers crossed you’re right :crossed_fingers:

That depends on whether they fixed more things or broke more things in those 4556 changes. We’ll see in 4 days. Its gonna be a riot either way. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You guy’s are funny they can’t ever keep the game we have now working properly on all platforms :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Here i set alone and broken hearted trying to play conan but it only fartted

If you have 4 people and you divide them into two teams, I wouldn’t call that “a reason”. Its still just 4 people working on the game.

Since the game has been playable since early 2017, this averages out to about 95 changes a month. Which is reasonable for a small team committing about 2-3 changes per workday.

@The7thCrest he meant in the latest update, I believe. The DevKit’s change log is massive.

I’m pretty worried cause it looks like they copied all the code from the ‘broken’ base game and just made a new map using it all. I really hope all of the issues from disappearing bodies to incredibly poor server performance are all addressed. I love Conan but sometimes hate it too, hard to not point out the flaws when streaming

This is not entirely correct. Code was reused, yes but the DevKit’s change log that comes with this update is massive.

The devkit changlog is scary.

There’s a few dozen modders crying in the fetal position this very moment.


The devkit change log is scary.
There’s a few dozen modders crying in the fetal position this very moment.

Am Modder. Can confirm. My primary Conan Mod is a map mod for Exiled Lands :laughing:

Now instead of one map undermeshing, you have two.
Double the fun

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I suspect they can and will. I could be wrong, but being an island the Isle of Siptah will likely be a more self-contained experience than the old map in a fashion.

By this I mean: I can definitely expect future updates with new monsters or maybe new dungeons added to say, existing ruins. But I do not expect new -land- to be added to the gameworld short of massive work around because they would have to radically alter the outlines of the island to add new portions… unlike the Exiles Lands which always had visible “uncharted” terrain beyond the barrier(one of the reasons the “uncharted north east portion” is a favorite of modders to add custom extension to the Exiled Lands map).

So if anything, it’s the Exiles Lands which might remain easier for them to add “more” to than the new map either ways, I feel?

Otherwise another thing I can see if that “features” additions might actually be not specific to one map but both. We already know the new rhinoceros maps and structures styles work in the Exiled Lands for example. So in this case, “content” created for one map is most likely to cross over the other and be available for both the Exiled Lands AND Isle of Siptah rather than be exclusive to one OR the other.

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