When can we expect a huge Update/Expansion?

in they streams they said they want polish game, i guess now we get AI, purge overhaul cus soon it go on test live, along with that faster loading or something like that

its rumor, but i heard something about re adding crosbows, FireSpark81 at least show something, idk if thats just old files. if that files are new, next we got crosbows, maybe along with another building set with special skins for them, idk wich culture would use crossbows ofthen, maybe Drafari? :scream:

so if around new year we get test live wersion it stay 2-3 weeks, than probably at mid january we get stable version, than 2-3 weeks they do something with crossbows and maybe work on some other ideas from comunity ie usable map room at forgoten city /dont think they be able add it at next minor update/

i guess till they didnt add at last two minor update we dont have big one, but maybe adding that loading update is prequel of something big on horizon, at least i hope xD

my bet is in january/febuary, but i dont think we get new biom, just dungeon/s

btw any idea when they show they year plan ±

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I started playing just after Aquilonian, before Khitan DLC and have since seen Frontier and the latest.

We were level capped at 60 then and still are.

It’s great that you are adding all these versions of the exact same thing and I bought all 4 DLCs because we all need to eat but to be blunt, there is nothing to do. I don’t need another base. I don’t need another check point in the decay prevention system. Another Thrall Pot to fill with honey. The most obvious solution, raise the level cap.


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I agree with most of this… most of us have done and seen all by now. I think that something like an invasion to the exile lands should do it, neww enemies, seige weapons, a rogue god or something… something big, loud and apocalyptic could spice things up.

Raising the level cap would also be a good idea. The cosmetic DLCs (which I keep buying only to support the game) are not gonna cut in the long run to keep this game alive.

The comparison between the Ark numbers and the Conan exiles numbers is just to big… the lowest point of Ark is the highest point of Conan basically :confused: There’s a reason for that even is Conan is a better game.


I would love to see those threads.

Found this working boat… looks great, I still think that the empty part of the map (upper right corner) should have just a buch of water and islands.


Here are the two links fox. I look forward to seeing what you have to add to the ideas!

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i would love to see possibility to make big boat as base…

or at least nordheims raids aka. wikings from newly aded fjord biome

or cus half of map is cold, and rain is weird, something like berber pirates from coast, wich raid your base from beach / i know there is black hand ,but lets be onest ,black galeon would sunk/

btw nice mod u find

edit: this would be nice dlc


I just wanna craft some christmas stuffs for my base lmao

By Funcom position of not adding more areas, we can presume level cap increase is out of question too.
Maybe they can use what is learned on this game and make a better, bigger conan exiles II in some years.
But for now it seens to have reached the technical limit. But is a great game all the same, people keep wanting it to be a full mmo survival rpg mount and blade, a game can’t be all those at the same time yet.

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just blade, dont expect mounts

they unfortuneatly deny christmas event, cus some troubles with helloween event, and they want polish game before next events

And prior to that it was… :thinking: October 2017? (North)
I dont quite remember, sorry.

I must admit I was one of those who were irritated how the north was presented as a gift to everyone (first free major dlc or however the exact wording was) though I wasnt the only one to speak up back then.
Jens back then “promised” that anything which was on the EA-roadmap back then would be free updates after that.

This made me think that other major updates would be pushed out as a DLC, but then it was stated that any major update would be free. Didnt really agree with that one though.
I think that whatever has been told to be part of the full game should be “free” as we already paid for that - IF we bought it because of the visions.

I guess that is subject to balancing as well. :joy: :thinking:

If socery will introduce a revamped siege system as well, I would guess the word getting out in january or february with the testlive starting in mid to late february or early march. Maybe a month later than that.

I kind of hope for one or two other culture DLC prior to that though.

I was kind of sad when I read about that.
IMO it was the right thing to do a full week due to allowing everyone to experience the event at least once.
On the other hand, having people grow sick because of a game is bad as well.
Being able to turn off events should be a setting too. (For future events.)
Not that I would turn them off. A change once in a while is a good thing.

I think most just didnt like the lights out though. I was one of very few liking the lightning. It made stuff look so beautiful… And running around outside of the base more of a survival thing.

I don’t think Conan Exiles II would be a good idea, it would make this first game pointless (similar to EA games and their crapy Star Wars Battlefronts) I think they should just go for payed DLCs for this one and is the amount of content there is big enough, no one will complain no matter what was stated before.

But making a sequel would be a slap in the face for all of us who supported this one. I mean this is an MMO of some sort, you don’t see World of Warcraft 2, they just keep adding thing to the first game. I think this is the right way with this type of games, sequels are more for story based games IMO.


I like how they were planning to do major updates as free dlc personally. That really sets this game appart from basically every other game in existence and the games in his own genre like ark, the forest and green hell.

The problem right now is just that the game is stagnate they need to release something big and shiny that will take a while to get old. A new map is just one of the things that would do this. The content different between Conan exiles and Ark is rather large. However mechanically and community wise Conan exiles is the better of the two games. Not only do the Devs for Conan like the game they actually work to improve it. Ark was horrible for so very long and is still pretty bad not only that a weeks worth of work in conan is more than a months worth of work on Ark meaning Conan is a bit more laid back.

If they could manage to close the content gape between those two games my guess is that people would flock from Ark to conan perhaps slowly at first but eventually as word got around it would happen faster. It only has 3 competitors in the survival genre for ps4 and i think 5 for pc and 3 for Xbox.

The forest doesn’t have a lot of content infact Conan has nearly triple the content that game has.
Ark has more Content than Conan but a worse community and mechanics.
So all Conan needs to do is give their community more content!

However we should keep in mind with more content comes more bugs. Thats just how it goes. However the fun com Devs have more than proved that they are willing to put in the time and effort to fix the problems rather than make pre existing problems even worse by dropping all new problems ontop of them.

So personally i think they should finish this round of patches and put their nose to the grind stone and pump out some big content peices. Things that are flashy and interesting. A new map with new biomes and transport. Magic that is actual magic not achlehmy and a serious overhaul to the gods. Each god should be entirely stand alone Set not only getting different items but providing buffs to its worshipers same goes for the rest including Crom. These things would easily draw in more power and bring back a good number of old players who got bored.

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Also it should be noted that Ark released its last DLC Extinction. This is the absolute perfect time for Conan exiles to close the content gap as they won’t be releasing new content for ark any time soon.

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Well, if I remember correctly from the livestreams, it was said that ‘intended’ content won’t be charged as purchased DLCs like mounts and sorcery; I don’t think they meant ALL content was free (apart from cosmetic changes). A new map was never promised as free and thus, they would have a deserved right to request payment for it above the standard game price. Likewise, any big update or expansion (not counting mounts or sorcery which was intended before launch) should also be allowed to have a price tag with it.

After all, Funcom was having financial trouble which rushed the launch of Conan Exiles. So content that was supposed to go with the initial launch, yes, I think its up-standing of them to say that part is free. But content beyond the originally intended launch… that’s another story. I’d be happy to pay for new, enriching content to Conan Exiles. CE was their biggest sale, so keeping it going is in the company’s best interest to make more money, but not if they can’t charge anything for what they produce.


I’d still pay for a new map lol. With the work these guys put in toward their game and the fact that they really listen to their community. It is a refreshing change as i came from Wildcards Ark where those people were straight awful to their community. If anyone deserves to have money shelled out to them for extra content on a survival game it would be Fun.com they have done an outstanding job on making an interesting game and have kept their nose to the grind stone without rest. They certainly have impressed me on many a level. Truely a company that cares about the product they make rather than grabbing fist fulls of money.


Additional expansion Map has to be for free, otherwise people who dont buy the expansion wont be able to attack castles in the expansion area… would be unbalanced.

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Fun com has already stated that the Exiled lands map that we all currently play on will not be getting any more land. Which means the only thing they will do is make a new map. (They have even side mentioned it in several of their streams.)

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