What can we expect next within Conan Exiles? Any monthly events?

Do we know what will come next? Have the devs shared plans?

We can guess a bit for what will be coming, a bit of content was cut back for full release or other reasons. If they get an artist we’ll have sorcery very quickly, I believe they mentioned pontoon foundations, an advanced settlement system for NPCs, more farming. I believe pets is something they are thinking about and I know we won’t have fast moving mounts but maybe maybe pack animals later.

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I wouldn’t mind, once the game has most of its issues fixed, that they would release paid dlcs / expansions like ark.

Sorry to bother you, but do you have any source for this? I’m just interested :slight_smile:

Hold on there mister, lets get them to fix the bloody thing first :slight_smile:

Most of what I said was from a dev stream about a month or two from the release, sorry I don’t have a link or anything. I do know the pontoon thing I said came from there stream show casing the jungle.

They’ve done stuff like 2x rates (for Christmas) in the past, so I’d expect things of that sort.

Can we expect our preorder bonuses at least? At some point?

And yeah, as for what to expect next, @TheFluffyMan23 is correct last I’ve heard. They want to add animal taming (that’s what those baby animals are for) as well as sorcery.

It all boils down to what parts of their team are available to work. Most of the code guys are still fixing bugs, so we won’t see major code changes until PS4, XBOne, and PC are all in a better state. But they also have Creature designers & animators, Level designers, Armor designers, etc. who aren’t necessarily bogged down with post-release fixes.

It’s possible we might see new areas of the map, or new dungeons. If not within this map, then maybe as an expansion to it.

It’s all speculation based on things they’ve said and hints they’ve dropped. We’ll have to wait for official word until we know for sure what’s coming up.

but will you be able to have suxxasuxxa ‘‘wink’’ with your slaves? the real question in everybody’s mind :laughing:

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