New map expectations

Hello. So, I am looking forward to the new map that will be coming out this year. I am wondering what everyone’s expectations will be in regard to the content. I am assuming that the new map will be water based, with a couple of large islands (and several small ones). I think the new map should be about the same size as the current one.

Now, do you think there will be all new animals, or will the old ones be put into the new map?
What about building pieces? Will new ones be there, or will the old ones just cross over (along with the DLCs).
What kind of weather do you want? I am hoping for something akin to the Mediterranean, sunny and warm.
I am hoping the new map includes watercraft. Either canoes or small fishing boats (or even larger sailing ships).


I’m just gonna go left field… and mutter on what I want…

Forest Start zone… lots of tree, little way to get your bearing with out climbing one. XD

less Desert, More Mountains, Tree zones, maybe Large Jungle/Swamp on par with Old Desert.

More rivers.
More Caves that connect. Go in west side of mountain, and able pop out on east side, or even way down into deeps. XD

More Flat spots… or spots kinda built around idea that a Player could build here. (Enemy camps often have some of best spots, and can never break down there tents and stuff)

Other then that… New Biome be nice.

Or even like Ark’s Scorch Earth. High Heat Temps, making wearing right gear a must during day.
Making finding cold caves and water prioritys.
Harder Map I guess…


Granted I’m mostly basing my expectations on paid DLC maps from a similar type of game (Ark), but my predictions are:

  • New wildlife and NPC factions exclusive to this map, alongside whatever ones they carry over from the old one.
  • Exclusive armors, weapons, and building sets comparable to what we already have and possibly made using new materials found on the map. (C’mon Funcom, I wanna make a house out of bamboo.)
  • All of the old feats will also carry over, with the possible exception of faction-specific armors that you have to learn by interacting with objects in the world. (This is unless of course the new map is still set within the Exiled Lands.)
  • I’m not really holding my breath for boats since it was said on a recent stream that they had no plans to implement them, but then again they also said mounts weren’t coming so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Now, as for what I’d like to see…

  • More casual civilian clothing options, possibly based on NPC outfits from Age of Conan. (Yes, I’m still carrying that torch for some Khitan villager clothes.)
  • Some jungle environments that aren’t so swampy and rainy and depressing.

I think my my want is an interesting way to get from one map to the next , like will it be connected to this map, will we need to beat the game and then move to the new map, will we go by portal or by map room. What will be the reason for us to go to the new map, a quest or new journey step. The map itself I am sure will be different or why have one to start with lol guess for me its the how we get there and why do we want to go, what is there to drew us to a new place.


If it is going to be water based:

  1. Ship construction with the ability to use them for bases.
  2. Ship to ship combat.
  3. Ship versus PvE content like Krakens.

If Funcom can pull that off, this game’s population will explode possibly to the point of rivaling Ark.


I am really looking forward to the new card

I hope for:

  1. a large map, at least as large as the previous one <- very very important !
  2. nice places to build bases
  3. different biomes, like now
  4. Purges that work well there
  5. beautiful NPC camps
  6. Either an independent map of the existing one or a logical explanation of why we now have more space.
  7. actual and some new NPCs
  8. Not as a replacement but as an extension of the existing map. The current map should not be completely referenced.

The card should be expandable, prepared for future expansions

The perfect thing would be:
easy to mod or prepared for modding


A new map for ‘‘fresh start’’ not an extension of existing one.
Animals that are useful, not just Thralls Thralls Thralls
I like the segregation of the current map, just enough of jungle, desert, cold and hot area.
More water and ability to build on islands+ships so we can raid from water (maybe a trebuchet on ships?)
Ability to have a base on a ship? Keep the base moving to prevent raid or make it harder?
If there is ships, ability to sneaky climb on it :slight_smile:
More ways to raid, not just bombs, it’s boring. (canons or something)
Limit building areas to prevent further arguments, foundations spam etc (The usual topic)

Just a a quick suggestions that I can think of right now, I’m sure more will come to my mind

I am just hoping for some new and unique terrain/biomes which will set it appart from the others. The diversity in terms of biome environment is one of this games strongest hooks for me. Although, as other members have already stated, some new enemy types, flora and fauna would be great.

Please add some Fruit Trees in the new Map’s biomes. :coconut: :apple: :grapes: :banana: :tangerine: :melon:


A trebuchet on a ship? The release of ammo might either crack the vessel in half, snap masts off or capsize her. How about catapults (harpoons) at bow and stern, cannons port and starboard, brass monkeys center midship?

Perhaps give us the option to control the doom and gloom weather (we have too many grey days where I live, don’t really want it in a game). The highlands has way too much inclement weather.

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Please add small “instanced” caves where players can build bases with a greatly extended decay timer. The size might be restrictive for these areas, and perhaps prevent building outside of these areas. An either, or sort of thing. For us casual players.

Water physics is difficult to the game engine. As far as I understand, what we have now (swimming and sinking, basically) is sort of a sleight-of-hand workaround to that. I wouldn’t expect any major focus on water-based stuff in the new map.

I like it

Why does every one think it will be water based, as of yet thralls still just lose their minds in water, don’t follow well, port over it like its not there puff, you can not loot in more then a inch of water. Funcom has said a few times they have issues with water based things. I can not see it being a water based map myself but that is me.

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Plus, they have pretty much said they way the did water in the game, it woudl be a nightmare to do anything concerning fighting in it, and ships aren’t in the wroks…but they also said no horses, so there is that i guess.

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There were a couple names leaked (Shattered Shore, Isle of Siptah) that might refer to locations on the new map, and some people are taking it to mean that it’s going to be mostly water based when all they really suggest is the presence of a shoreline and at least one island…just like the current map.

(Now, granted, it is certainly possible that the new map could be set on one or more islands…but the gameplay would still be centered around the islands rather than the water surrounding them.)

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New map probably in that map room space thats to the right of the volcano and just above the jungle.

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No, that’s where they put the dungeons so it’s a no-go zone. The new map is going to be an entirely separate beast, not a bolt-on addition to the current one.


You can find all currently known information about the map on this wiki page.


I just want to be able to traverse between the two maps with the same Exile. Someone mentioned that they might go the Ark-route and make you need to make a new Exile for the new map. Ireally hope this isn’t the case.

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I kind of do… and at the same time, I kind of don’t. I’d like to create a new character at some point, but at the same time, I don’t want to lose my current one. (Yes, I know there are workarounds to that, but it’d feel less weird if the new character lived in a different place than the current one.)