What would you like to see on a new DLC map?

Since a new map is being worked on for a paid DLC release this year:

  • heavy undermeshing protection
  • more caves (all sizes)
  • make the map able to handle disasters like flooding, sandstorms, blizzards, mudslides, avalanches, quicksand, tar pits, the occasional tidal wave from the coast, meteor strikes (not all star metal) and in random locations, and so forth
  • an underground biome (bio-luminescence for lighting) in addition to the types of biomes we have now
  • redwood forest of giant, fantasically tall, thick trees
  • a distinct different between swamp biomes and jungle biomes
  • terrain that can be dug into (like digging pits, creating an artificial moat or lake for fish, or expanding the back end of a cave) and destructible (place enough explosives and you can create your own entrance into an enemy’s cave base)
  • possibly a cloud city (floating - maybe an Olympus - obelisk to visit [dungeon perhaps?])
  • a large map where mounts are useful
  • mobile NPC camps (a few large ones are fixed like big cities, but the small once can be much more nomadic and randomly in motion from time to time (days/weeks)) – like nomadic Darfari
  • and lots and lots of Purge-defensible locations for players to build
  • Ice Age animals added like the giant ground sloth, mastodon (they were a bit smaller than Mammoths), bison, woolly rhinos, or even glyptodons

Most of all I think I’d like to see some new sorts of environments. Like I don’t want them to just take the swampy, rainy sort of jungle from the main map and plunk it into a new one, I’d want a new jungle to have its own flavor so to speak. Also while reusing assets is kind of inevitable I’d like to see some new plant resources too, like bamboo or new types of trees or whatever.

I’d also like to see some more extensive ruins that players can go inside and explore that aren’t dungeons. And at least some of them need to be made from green stone, because if there’s one thing I learned from Howard’s stories that was the material to use when building anything evil.

I could go on, but I have to start getting ready for work in a couple minutes.


an Underworld. Big caves that you build in with underground rivers full of creepy stuff. I’d also like to see associated evil architecture along with it.


i hope the new map has the no camera shake mod installed lol
able to plant trees, flowers and other goodies around your house.
more caves would be super, and even though it has been done before…i do think the starter zone on the map we have now is quite pretty. so maybe more of that feel" , more beautiful sunrise sunsets and magic!

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I’d prefer a totally new area with new game mechanics. Not only add a new area with the same stuff as we know for months now.
I’d really like to see more group play content, the ability to play supportibe roles in a group and some quest stuff would be cool.
Just not only a new set of weapons and a new set of armor lol

since it will be content and not cosmetic, id like to see a 0$ tag on it.

I bought zero DLC as today. Zero.
nada, no one, nothing, niente.
I paid full price game on D1 for an half baked game (that somehow still is) and still my money are not worthy for what I’ve paid.
I also hate the fact that I have to dowload tons of stuff hidden behind a paywall (stuff I won’t see because I’m an offline player) and getting the game itself heavier and heavier patch by patch.
If New DLC map will become (I suppose) a huge gigatons of data that I will not have access to I will simply stop playing a game that is larger than a AAA games with half quality.


Since I’ve now seen you semi-ranting about this in a few places, I feel compelled to respond. Probably more fool me (and sorry @Bodin for continuing along this off-topic tangent)

While you are technically correct that the current DLC takes up a small amount of disk space, it is nearly meaningless in comparison with the rest of the game. If you play exclusively offline, the assets will never appear in your game, and will not in any appreciable way make the game “heavier”. Meanwhile, you’ve spent nothing on getting all the (so far) free content updates, which is fine - no-one should feel forced or obligated to buy DLC. But whining that they exist (and make contiual support possible) is beyond entitled.

If you’re not happy with the game itself or feel it was overpriced, fair enough. Not going to argue with you about that (I mostly disagree, but your opinion is valid).

A new map is indeed likely to be rather large, but as we have absolutely zero information about it currently (other than that it is presumably coming sometime this year) it’s a little early to complain about it. We don’t know the first thing about how it’ll be implemented, or if it’ll follow the same style (downloaded for everyone, available for those who purchased it) as the other DLC items or not.


I’m not usually the guy who says doom on the forums, but this is one case where I think not getting our hopes too high is a safe way to proceed. A new map doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than that. It could still re-use the vast majority of currently existing assets, including rock and tree models, NPCs, textures, etc.

If you make a new random map on Civilization VI, it doesn’t generate entirely new terrain or biome types - it generates the map using existing tiles. It’s still a new map, which can be explored and built upon.

That’s more or less what I expect to see on a new Conan Exiles map. Nothing extraordinarily fantastic - just more of what we already have. Probably with some new themes, new NPC types and new scenery - but if the whole Exiled Lands thing is based on Giant-King technology stolen and reverse-engineered by Thoth-Amon, I suspect we’ll see more Giant-King ruins, maybe some Lemurian ruins, etc. Hoping for some more Serpent-man architecture.


Agreed. We have no way of knowing what the intent is here. It’s probably only Funcom’s status as a publicly traded company and the legal obligations that go along with it that means we know about it at all at this stage.

It certainly could. It’d be a missed opportunity IMO, but it’s entirely possible.

True. Though Civilization’s maps are made to be generated, whereas CE relies on hand-crafted maps (each approach has their own strengths and weaknesses for sure). But your basic point that new map does not necessarily equal new biomes is true and well worth keeping in mind.

Well, I dare say since the entirety of our characters’ existence in the Exiled Lands is down, quite literally, to “a wizard did it!” anything is possible. If they wanted to include a portal to another place (or plane!) that’s not out of scope of the technology/magic we’ve seen so far. So the gate’s wide open for anything (or nothing) in the extreme environments category.

Or, as the good folk of Penny Arcade put it:
(and yes I lifted that from the link above, but it’s TVtropes, so don’t click that)


Having played and (mostly) enjoyed the various Ark maps, that’s honestly pretty much what I’m expecting, mostly reused assets but put together in cool new ways, maybe with some new weapons, armors, and building sets exclusive to the map but comparable to the base game stuff. And unless they manage to really hump the bunk on it, I imagine I’ll be perfectly content with that.


The dilemma with the map is that it contains not just terrain and resources, but lore and points of interest.

There’s a big difference between “Here is the restless Barrow-King, giant, revered of Set, father of Tyros, entombed after betrayal and death at the hands of mankind in battle at the Mounds of the Dead” and “Here is a Barrow-King. He drops Demon Blood and moves fast, but he’s pretty easy to take down.”

Building the map is a lot of work, but then there’s the lore and objectives that pulls you through it for any reason other than scenery and resource concentration. It’ll be interesting to see how that balance shakes out.


Yeah I hope its a new “connected” map and not an “alternative” map. I want a new place with new items that build on what has come before, not replace it. It would be cool if its “the other side” and gives us a reason to remove our bracelet and just go beyond the wall, coming out on the other side along the edge to avoid campers on spawn points.

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Love all the ideas here.

Will gladly pay for new map but it has to be connected to old one, want to be able to take resources items, thralls so on from my old base to new and new to old. Would be nice if we can set our own little portals between both bases in both new and old maps

I think bigger packs like this map are more worth it. DLCs I hated most had the least amount of content, just go bigger and charge more for it. This game needs the new map and sorcery.

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I’d prefer no DLC map

I don’t like the idea that the already small console community would be split up because some can afford a newer better map and some can’t, we would also probably end up with a situation where the current map errors never get fixed, so all the undermesh exploits would be abused, new players would end up on servers so toxic they will never play again and we would over time see the player base shrink even more


I think the qustion of all questions is, what is the prize of a new DLC Map?
Second, do the new map solve all problems from the old map?
And then, is the new DLC Map a add on map to the old one?

A new map make sence if they have new biomes, animals, plants, caves and dungeons.
also, solved all old problems like undermeshing, lag, wet floors and much more.

When i have all this information, i can discuss this with my server community and we will buy or not.

If there will be caves, and other interiors, i hope they all will be building blocked. It’s so stupid how easy are interior bases to deffend and make them extremly high cost to raid. And if your server does not have rules against building in raid time - it’s also possible to deffend that kind of a base solo against any number of attackers because of building without vision glitch.

But i think that making a map as a PAID dlc is a horrible idea at all. Game has limited player base. I always join i server that has 30+ players online only to find it at 5- players during raid time just a month after. Players already split between pve, pvp and pve-c, and developers want to split remnants of the community to paid and free map? When there is already hard to find any full pvp servers on current one that’s free? Good luck maintaining stable population of players there…

Well, they must be doing something right. December 2019 was reported as their third best month since the release of the game (as in, most number of players).

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Well, mounts were a much requested, much hyped feature which brought plenty of people in to check out the ponies. Also, I’m sure that many new players got the game for Christmas, which also brought the numbers up. It remains to be seen how many of these people stay to play, but it looks like the game is healthy enough, considering how it attracts investors.

As I said earlier, it doesn’t matter whether the new map is paid or free - the community will be split between the two anyway. A free new map would probably see a greater number of players migrating onto it, leaving the old map deserted - and that wouldn’t be good for the game either.

But it really remains to be seen how the new map thingy is done. It could be less disastrous than worst case scenarios predict.