New Decorative suggestions!

As the title suggests a few things that could be added to increase base decoration!

  1. Armor stands (that show the armor they currently have “on” the stands)

2, A way to make a “pool” or a body of standing water at your base. Maybe has to be built within a stone-lined area so the water does not drain?

  1. if/when we ever get necromancy added to the game (I remember it was supposed to be part of the sorcery system that did not make it in before launch) a necromantic themed build/deco set

  2. A way to allow pets to wander around in a given area. to make them seem more lifelike when not in “use”


A lot of these are longstanding wishes of the community, particularly the armor stand one (the closest you can get currently is using a spare thrall, but it’s not quite the same…).

For my money I’d love the craftable water thing (and yes I’d pay for a DLC featuring that and nothing more, feel free to hate me for that!), though I acknowledge it’s not an easy thing to make so that it couldn’t be exploited.

As it is, I often find myself building on or near water sources just so I can incorporate water into my designs.

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maybe there is a way to duplicate the basic Water Well, (and remove the roof / top of it), and then if placed in a grid like 4x4 (surrounded by sandstone foundation, maybe it could blend in (semi-seamlessly meanwhile?)

in my solo game, i actually have 2 dancer thralls perched on the edges / rim of the Water Well, splash dancing away quite happily, but never go enough to go around the perimiter yet) :slight_smile:

Oh creating the visuals for the water would not be too difficult. Trivial, really.

It’s all the abutting issues, such as making it “work like water”, not to mention the rules for making sure it was enclosed - and what happens if one of the barrier walls is destroyed? It’s a pretty tricky problem if you want to allow any level of freedom with it. Of course a few pre-made “pools” in common sizes (2x3 foundations, 6 triangles in a circle, etc) would be monumentally easier, and could perhaps be a reasonable alternative.

I believe it was Oscar who mentioned adaptable (“smart”) construction pieces on the stream, and of course if that was a thing it’d open up some options - but I didn’t get the feeling that this was likely to happen.

Maybe for CE 2, eh?

well you never know :slight_smile: maybe they might get made in a modular way, and some game logic joins up the water pieces (just like blocks snap together) and then it might treat it as 1 larger body of water. but at least weve got pets to find in the meantime… gotta catch em all :slight_smile:

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