Question of the Week: What do you add to liven up your base?

We have some pretty talented home designers here. Whether you’re looking for a more simplistic lifestyle and keep only the things that bring happiness, or focus only on the practical things like cabinets and storage, or just go all out never leaving a wall bare.

The addition of flowing curtains, paintings, plants, and various tables do a good job of bringing a place to life. But what would you add from your wishlist to make things more homey?

Feng shui is super important, just saying.


Armor Display Mannequins, more variety in Fur/Pelt Rugs, a Chest of Drawers and some Fruit Trees please!


Firepit with meat roasting on a spit, animal pelts for floors and walls, armor display racks, floor-standing weapon/shield racks, floating witchfire globes for lamps, witchfire “candles”.

More placeables themed from the various tribes/religions in the game - we have the Vanir totems, and those are cool - and the Ymir statues. But snake statues of Set that are of similar scale? Yes, please. The cat-statues of Derketto - oh yes definitely.

Can the game engine do mirrors?

Hitching posts for horses - ideally that you can actually hitch a horse to. :slight_smile:

On the “not really additions to props but would help interiors a whole bunch” front:
The ability to have the game warn you before picking up a table with things on top of it and thus destroying all of them would be nice. :slight_smile:
Fixing the “the roof doesn’t keep the water out of the interiors” bug would be lovely too.
Wall hangings and banners are awfully finnicky about what counts as “sufficiently attached” - often you have to put extra walls near/above/below them to place them, and then can remove them later.


Coffins, sarcophagi and tombstones for my catacombs.


I thought of one more. A few placeables for Crom too please! Heck even just one will do. Say something akin to Yogs skeletal decoration or Sets snake idol. Maybe a small idol sculpture of Ben Morgh. Or even better…a reskinned ‘Crom Forge’.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


Armor display, Ymir Vults it. And more fauna plix. Climbing ivy or something to place on walls to add atmosphere.


hidden passageway
hidden trap for dungeons

curtains with little physics and allow to move across (sorry for my english mates ^^’ )


_a secret passage in a wall
_a day / night torch system
_a bathtub to remove dirt and blood that accumulates and does not leave.
_a drinking game system, showdown
_emote to eat / drink while seated
_a fishing game
_ roof decorations (Nordic example) to give character
_more decorations with water (water wheel fountain basin)
_option so that the doors open when entering on horseback
_vases and flowers
_stock decoration for visual recon (wood,ingots,stone)


Decorative thralls that don’t have any AI, cannot be used for fighting and don’t count towards the follower limit.


Well aside from all the placeables already in the game, I tend to use a few mods to spruce up my buildings. First, I like to spam Emberlight’s flowerpots and plant hangers everywhere:

Then, depending on what pieces I’m using, instead of using the vanilla window pieces I might use LBPR to overlap a doorway and a fence to make bigger windows and really open the place up:

And finally, I almost never use vanilla fence pieces for interior or balcony railings anymore, because they always make everything feel closed off and those dang spikes are just an eyesore. Instead I’ll use a mod that makes these pieces craftable:

It really is amazing how much of a difference their open design makes.

As for wishlist decorative stuff, well first I’d really like to see some bigger window pieces for the various building styles already in the game, plus a craftable version of those fence pieces. After that I’m always down for more statues, rugs, planter options, and wall hangings.

I’d also really like to see more religious iconography in the game. Like not additions to the religion system with altars and god avatars and whatnot, but a selection of placeable religious idols for deities not otherwise represented would be cool for players who want to be able to show their exile’s beliefs but don’t necessarily want them to be hardcore Mitra/Set/Yog/Ymir/Derketo/Jhebbal Sag worshippers.


Call me old fashioned, but topless women thralls. I mean… I have simple tastes.


skulls on spikes with the names of the players the skulls are from :notes: :gift: :teddy_bear: :sheep: :skull_and_crossbones:


My wish list:
Mannequins or decorative thrall mannequins (sitting/leaning/lying down)
Glass windows
Wall cabinet storage
Hanging plants
Indoor small fountain
Bookshelves! And single placeable books for tables
Random piles of gold and silver
Indoor music setting (or minstrel)
Hallway runners that are longer yet more narrow than rugs.
FARMING that yields more crop and seeds. #makeplantersusefulagain
One person canoe. Yee!

  • Armor display stands
  • Secret doors and hatches
  • Trees
  • Rugs and Pelts (floor and wall)
  • Prepared Food like Roasted Animals on a Spit
  • Windows

Candles. Like I said in one of the past threads, I have a thing for candles. I pick up every candle I find, and I place them in my bases. I have a T3 Mitra altar whose every flat surface is covered with candles. I have an alchemist shop with 49 candles (seven times seven) on its windowsills. My marketplace has a chandler’s shop with a table full of candles.

And of course, I use people to liven up my bases. The town I built has over a hundred thralls, counting artisans, and less than a third of them are on guard duty. The rest are craftsmen, traders and other kinds of civilians. (All placeable thralls are T3 fighters or archers, so any Purge accidentally spawning inside my town will be in for a surprise if they try to raid my brothel. Or, well, that was the case pre-leveling update; most of them are now kinda wimpy because they’re unleveled. But the Purge never hits that town anyway, so my “cosmetic” citizens should be safe.)

Survive. Build. Decorate.


I am looking forward to hanging a few of my in subordinate team mates heads on my trophy wall. With their names.


Being what feels like one of the few doomy and gloomy enthusiasts in these forums I tend to use allot of skulls. Wonderful little things in my opinion. Makes any dwelling, big or small, instantly look more nefarious. Throw in a couple of silent legion or serpent man statues, a stuffed bat-demon and low ambient lighting and you’ve got yourself a ominous looking lair.

But be that as it may I usually find myself wanting MOAR!

  • Torture devices
  • skeletal lamps (spine and rib-cage)
  • blood splatters
  • Different skulls
  • Different weapon racks
  • heads on pikes
  • Flaming skull pike or torches
  • bone furniture

Oh well, one can dream…

:metal: :smiling_imp:


How about endless shiba memes. Lots of “mlem bois” statues, Bepis and bamboozelin pictures and dolls… make it a KAWAIII! paradise.


@Necro have you tried hanging legs and arms on weapons racks nice look for inspiring torturers.