A list of ideas, bugs, and interface critique compiled over my playtime

Hi there Funcom, I’m glad you finally have a place to interact with your community. Following the example of the Warframe developers and listening to your fans in the direction your game takes will surely bring you guys great success.

I don’t expect all my ideas or to be accepted or implemented, but there is also a lot of valuable test play bug work done here too, hopefully it helps you guys with game polish.

Love you game, want others to love it too! Here’s the list. (I may add to it)

Would love to hear anyones opinions on the listed items.

  1. Items in container inventories should interact! Insects and grubs mixed with meats and plants should speed up decomposition in putrid meat and seeds, moist/water items with iron should create rust (waste or ingredient)

  2. Be able to unequip item whilst in menu, and swap items in iventory with item that is currently equipped in the hotbar

  3. Map hotkey should be able to be switched between ‘toggle’ and ‘display while held’ and switched to the ‘G’ key, also the map should remember the location and zoom from the last time you had it open instead of resetting everytime.

  4. inventory hotkey should close menu, not shuffle menus when pressed a second time, and switched to ‘tab’ key by default

  5. have a dedicated animation cancel or ‘feint attack’ hotkey instead of current meta of quick unequip/re-equip

  6. show most recent unequipped weapons/shields/tools on characters back, or holstered on hip

  7. Have a single (or fewer) building block items/recipes where you can select between what building shape piece you choose with scroll wheel or wheel menu (i.e. Rust style, or Space Engineers style)

  8. Have feats in an actual tech tree, current menu layout is confusing and doesn’t clearly show pre/post-requisites and level order in an efficient manner.

  9. Improve item stack splitting via a fill bar (i.e. Rust style)

  10. Seperate full crafting menu into its own menu, with tabbed pages, bigger icons, and larger/clearer display of ingredients, set it to hotkey ‘Q’

  11. Quick Crafting list should replace the crafting menu in inventory screen, with larger icons, and auto-populate recipes you have the ingredients for to the top of the list

  12. The outer face of fences (spike side) should prohibit and block climbing at all tiers of building. The tier 1 wood stubs could be burned off with less raiding tools than are required to break the fence. Tier 2 anti-climb could be destroyed with a single well placed trebuchet strike. Tier 3 anti-climb would require destroying the fence as it currently is. And fences should not intersect in T joints, instead make them snap like fence foundations in Ark:Survival Evolved do. This would provide a way to make unscaleable outer wall defences. Forcing raiders to use more raid supplies (which are currently too cheap). Also anti-climb should be placeable on ceilings where people try to monkey bar across. Maybe high level retractable deployable anti-climb that is triggered like a trap.

  13. Add traps for base building, trap building, player generated dungeons/content, more interesting pvp raiding. Trap floors activated by trip wires onto palisade spikes for example, spring floors that fling an enemy that steps on the pressure plate in a particular direction into spikes, have cauldrons activateable the same way. Furnace traps, arrow traps, blade traps that pop out of the wall. Boulder traps that roll down a ramp or stairs. Ice orb/freezing traps. Poison gas traps. (maybe an Orb-thrower would consolidate these ideas). Imagine a trap floor that drops an enemy into the river and closes above them trapping them to drown.

  14. Fix the bug where your corpse doesn’t render when you respawn within render distance of your death point

  15. Add ability to capture/tame animals, even if its limited to 1 pet a person and it’s a seperate feat tree

  16. Add stamina drain to running, rolling, attacking, jumping, climbing based on % encumbered. Bonus for being lightweight?

  17. Some the coolest building locations are near thrall camps, make it possible to take over thrall camps to build, but this causes huge purge meter increase or causes raids from the faction whose camp you took over. (Or just clearly mark out areas with red border walls where you can’t build so you don’t mess up your build plans by building too close on accident)

  18. Item auto-sort and auto-consolidate buttons in inventory. Could be achieved through special “decoration” containers with the same strength as normal containers, but with themed auto-store buttons, and also display contents visually in the world. Think like a meat rack with a button that automatically takes all meat out of players inventory, and in the game world has a mesh that becomes visible for each type of meat in the game if theres at least 1 in the container. Etc for weapon racks, armor racks, floral displays, alchemy cabinets, etc.

  19. Quartermaster thrall, will automatically sort items in your base based on the themed containers mentioned in #18. (maybe just in a radius around quartermaster station)

  20. When missing components (like twine) when looking at a reccipe, you should be able to craft that item just by clicking its icon in the ingredients list of the original item you were looking at (think bedroll and twine)

  21. When you select an ingreidient in your inventory it should auto-sort the recipies it is used in to the top of your crafting menu…

  22. Make thrall camp assets and dungeon asset smashable for resources. Give a visceral feeling to destroying a camp of barbarians by tearing down their tents for fiber twine and hide, break their jars for stone or brick, and their fences and huts for branches and wood.

  23. Add a wax orb made from apiary wax that lets you add fire-proofing to your walls where you splash it on. This fire resistance slows demon fire orb raiding, and where’s off over time (maybe an irl day).

  24. Add a freezing orb made from snow biome stuff. Water orb acts for frostbite orb like grease orb does for fire. Slows/freezes/stuns/drains stamina of enemies you hit with water orb, freezes waxed walls so wax can be removed with a couple pick strikes, and increases trebuchet damage against walls that are iced. (more fracturing)

  25. Miner/Lumberjack/Hunter/Forager thralls and corresponding stations to put them in. The station will detect relevant resources in a radius around it and the thrall with populate the stations inventory over time with that resource. Thrall animates walking around mining things near station, but is very vulnerable to other players/creatures/enemy thralls, so you will need to have nearby fighter/archer thralls to protect it. gatherer thralls retreat back to the station if threatened where fighter thralls can defend.

  26. Patrol routes for thralls. Also allow archer thralls to shoot throw windows in bases, and through the cracks created by uneven

walls on un-level adjacent foundations. So you can create effecctive sniper towers to protect an area.

  1. Water wells should have a set total capacity and run dry after the groundwater is depleted. They can still have a smaller drawable capacity that is refilled from the ground water over time. Water in the desert should have random spots so it is possible to fail with well placement and get no water. Maybe a way to prospect for water in the desert/volcano area. Mitra Statue of refreshment could be made unique by having the luck of mitra and always striking water.

  2. trade/give system between players so you don’t have to drop stuff on the ground, merchant thralls you can capture to sell stuff to other players while you’re gone and a ‘storefront’ wall piece you can put in your walls where the merchant thrall is put so he doesn’t just get assassinated by players. Also maybe a caravaner thrall that sells things to npc camps as a source of currency?

  3. Dye-able building blocks (dye-orbs?) signs, trophies, decorative items.

  4. fix-bug where monsters AI freezes when theres too many players on the server. Maybe switch AI threads to client after so many people log in? keep enemy hp synced, let position/action be clientside.

  5. fix bug where heartbeat sound never goes away even after you’ve healed up and sated your needs

  6. refine weather system, I was naked in highlands during rain and was not cold. (make harsher).

  7. Allow enemies to attack whilst moving so that you can not simply out run every single threat. ranged stagger attacks? some areas should be impassable from the fact you are not strong enough equipped correctly for the local fauna. (i.e. crocs very fast in water/river, slow on land. Look at how Ark:Ragnaroks map and fauna limit and tie your exploration to your progression)

  8. Add rafts/boats, and an island or continent or play area on the other side of it. Ocean biome could be very rich area to expand content. Coast north of the jungle, east of the volcano/snow area would be perfect location.

  9. Optimize player structure loading/unloading. Maybe as a single grid/mesh rather than each piece individually. Update that singular grid once in a while at smart times. Would make it easier to do long distance lods for player structures instead of current magical pop-ins.

  10. Add a half-wall, 3/4 wall, or horizontal/vertical archer slot window pieces for better ranged defense from inside.

  11. Permanent skills that don’t reset with yellow lotus potion (or do but can’t be re-specced, you just lose the points or a % of the points, could be deterrant for spamming respecs). These skills would level up with use (like in Skyrim) you could have one for each type of weapon, foraging, lumberjack, mining, for each station so you could act as your own station thrall if you sat and stared at something being made. And for every point you leveled up in a skill, all other skills decreased by 1/(2*number of skills) So that focusing on a role would be encouraged. Your points in attributes could affect skill gain rate. So survival attributes would increase the rate you learned (re-learned) foraging, mining, etc. agility would increase learn rate for daggers, archery, sprinting. strength for 2h-sword, grit for blocking, etc etc.

  12. Add Ice storms, Fire storms, lightning storms, meteor storms, squall storms, magnetic storms that hurl iron boulders around, add stones that damage structures into sandstorm? in on top of sand storms, in their relative biomes w/ small chance to enter other biomes. Storms should damage player structures. The outer most layers (exposed to outside) should take about 1/5th their health in damage based on tier. So sandstorm should do 1/5th damage to sandstone, ice storm should do 1/5th damage to stonebrick, firestorm should do 1/5th damage to reinforced stone, etc. Firestorm should do like 3/5ths 4/5ths of total damage to sandstone structures. So there isn’t a time when a single storm wipes out your base, but if you don’t repair, multiple storms will demolish your base and anything you left outside un-repaired. Also increases danger and feeling of adventure to the player. Each storm should have an ‘eye of the storm’ for very cinematic experience possibility for the player to be surrounded but see clear sky in a hole above. This decay and cleanup effect would also help maintain server performance for buildings of leavers.

  13. Add easier way to maintain base repairs with either a tool cupboard that you put resources in that slowly automatically repairs connected building blocks, or a handyman thrall that will maintain it given resources in his station. Need a way to repair building piecces you can’t reach with the hammer.

  14. If you run out of stamina whilst swimming, you should start drowning (breath meter ticks down).

  15. Should be able to equip and shoot branches from a bow. Very inaccurate, for teh lulz.

  16. Skeleton bone decoration pieces near wrecked ships (and elsewhere?) should be collectible for bones and hittable with a pick sickle or cleaver for more bones.

  17. Pallisade walls are WAY TOO FINICKY when you’re trying to placce them, says “overlapping with terrain”, these should be alot more easy to place so you can make a complete wall of them with no gaps. In fact most of your building should be able to overlap a little bit more and have a little more leeway…

  18. Need player-buildable caves behind every waterfall. Questless caves like the crocodile cave northeast of dry falls need to be able to be built in by players, even if you put in a back entrance.

  19. Lower tier weapon repair kits need to be able to repair higher tier equipment, just repair it less, there is already a limit on the # of repair kits you can use on a weapon. Which should be increased from 1 to 3.

  20. Icons for steel bar and silver bar are TOO SIMILAR.

  21. Add a bola item that roots enemies in place.

  22. Add damage types. i.e. Puncturing, Slashing, Impacting, and let different armor/enemies have resistances/vulenerabilities to each. (Warframe style)

  23. Also elemental damage/armor types. i.e. cold, heat, poison, electric/ghost. (Warframe style)

  24. Add use for leather and thick leather other than armor, we currently have MASSIVE STACKS of each with no use for them. Maybe replace some ingriedients in building blocks with leather?

  25. Add smokeables, pipes, drugs and/or hookas maybe as a buff you can only get at your base where it is placed. Maybe they increase corruption.

  26. Add another way to get raw ash other than mining obsidian, perhaps burning those stacks of extra leather.

  27. Make fish/crap traps and beehives require fuels of somekind. spoiled meat or raw meat as bait for fish/crab, flowers for beehives.

  28. Diversify the huge amounts of different foods you have by giving them differing effects. Like the spiced steaks and firewater heat you up is a good example. Have some with temporary slight buffs. Tiered healing of different foods. Add duration of regeneration effects into stats tab of inventory menu along with magnitude of healing/s. Make easy foods crap, or diseased, or malnutritious, and complex foods amazing!

  29. Add in NPC-controlled “player structures” that are raidable, have thralls and loot to steal, into PvE and singleplayer. In cool base locations.

  30. Add a way to take over someone elses base. Like in rust you have a Tool Cupboard that must be activated and reachable for players to build onto the current building. Destroying this makes building decay fast, or be able to take over by another player.

  31. Roving bands of thralls/monsters etc. Dragon raids, bandit attacks, cannibal/slaver patrols that you might come across and not expect to be there. Un-predictable encounters. other than the purge. tier 1,2,3 raids other than purge. smaller in scale. (when player is around)

  32. Clan mates nametags visible from a further distance, visible on map, and ability to make “Clan markers” or drawing temporary lines on map for raid/adventure planning. Grid overlay or coordinate system on map.

  33. Glowing war paints. More high contrast colors.

  34. Archery should be handled differently from melee damage. Melee damage is just an increase in base damage per landed hit with

increased strength/equipment tier. Archery should have fire rate/accuracy, and crit multiplier when you hit headshots/vulnerable body parts. This is more interesting and makes archery more skillbased to compete with less skill based melee. So if you want the range advantage you have to be a good shot. More realistic.

  1. Split yellow lotus potion into 2, 1 for feats, 1 for attributes (1 mind, 1 body). Or add the ability to record a tree of feat unlocks so when we use Yellow Lotus potion to respec, we can click one button to relearn the feat tree we have recorded already. On a scroll of papyrus or a note or book.

  2. More parsed feat tree. Less recipes per feat, more feats.

  3. Recycle weapons/armor in the furnace/tannery for 1/4 of the original materials.

  4. Double or triple the size of Large Chest model. For PvP balance. Currently small base can hold lots and lots and lots of loot in small area.

  5. You have a very good system where players create content for other players through player-buildings/pvp/raiding. I would find a way to expand upon this by allowing players to create quests/dungeons, events for other players to compete in. Maybe a player-generated resource that is only use-able by other players, to use as a reward for these events. And to use as entry fee for the content/dungeon/quest/event creator to collect as payment. Maybe expanded past the ghostwall in empty areas, only players that finished the questline can create.

  6. Survival games need diseases, broken bones, infections, mal-nutrition, etc. And their respective cures. This would go well with different damage types mentioned above (slashing, puncture, impact, cold, heat, toxin, electric). Infections with honey-pastes, diseases with brewed cures, scurvy if you only eat meat too long, splints for broken bones, insanity from too many shrooms/potions with sedatives to cure. Jardia/diarhea from bad water. Bandages for bleeding, pack gauss for puncture wounds, casts/splints for broken bones. Frost-bitten phalanges. Burns. Depression/self-harm/suicide from despair and low morale/loneliness etc. You can tier these with low tier being craftable in wild enough to get back home.

  7. Some sort of inventory queuing automation for high tier mass crafting. Loading a chest full of stone on top of a furnace to auto-fill it when its done cooking its contents, ‘bearer’ thralls to haul finished products to a chest, etc etc. Less micro management as a reward for higher tiers after accomplishments like thrall farming, leveling up, knowledgge found in books from exploring, rare materials etc etc.

  8. False walls, secret passages, linkable and activated to wall torches or other decorations, weaker easier to raid through, but act as camoflauged doors for base building/dungeons/pvp access. (same hp, less damage resistance to still hide from repair hammer scouting)

  9. Specialist thrall gear. Like blacksmith apron/gloves, or dancer clothes, but with bonuses to the thralls efficiency. Add leveling/attributes/feats to thralls and specialist clothing can increase xp gain or something.

  10. Gambling games, pit fights, lots more stores or unique item vendors at the NPC village city, another NPC city somewhere. Some vendors at religion teachers.

  11. Unique decorations or themed containers craftable at shrines. Ritual artefacts/object/decorations that increase effectiveness of nearby shrines? Give some weak slight functionality and effects to decorations.

  12. Diversify raiding. Make different types of walls/structures have different raid tools that are most effective for them, rather than just blowing everything up with jars. Black-Ice should have a weakness to a flame-thrower weapon, call meteors down on reinforced stone, etc etc.

  13. Religions could have totems that create aura effects that negatively effect people versed in enemy gods, or buff people versed in that god, etc. call it “presence of yog/mitra/ymir/set etc.” Crom-ites invulnerable to these. #atheism

  14. Food now damages your health when used from the hotbar, before starting the healing effect. Also the #'s of the healing in the stats page is wrong on several foods, also healing wraps have been nerfed to only heal 4 points a second.

  15. When you have a piece of armor like the sandstorm mask in the hotbar and equip with the hotbar, it should be replaced by the piece of armor it replaced. So that you can re-equip the thing you too off to put the sandstorm mask on without opening your inventory.

  16. Fire arrows should light grease orb pathces on fire.

  17. Bug: The fire left behind from an explosive jar does not damage building parts when extended with grease orbs.

  18. Combo’s should have tree’s based on buttons pressed instead of just the same animations with different delays.

  19. Power attacks with right click should be able to be held (drains stamina) and charged for more power, to a maximum.

  20. Archery should be based on accuracy, that is, to balance it, it should NOT just get a base damage increase, instead increased

skill and quality of weapons should increase the cripple, disarm, and critical damage multipliers when you hit vital organs. (headshot, heart shot, knee shot, elbow shot)

  1. BUG: Enemies get stuck in water thats deep enough to make the character player start swimming. And they don’t emerge.

  2. Sometimes the Craft MAX button does nothing, but the Craft One button does, and after using the Craft One button, the Craft All button is then functional again.

**Edit added 8/11/18
83. Throwing weapons - 1. they should be stackable consumables like ammo (still retrievable) 2. They should be ‘e’ press retrievable when stuck in an enemy EASILY (increase hitbox for retrieve command?) 3. When you loot the corpse of an enemy hit with a throwable weapon you should be able to retrieve it through their inventory AND if you don’t it should drop and stick in the ground when you harvest the corpse. 4. Remove durablity, add % chance destroyed on impact based on quality tier.


Dear god yes! I bump up against this ALL THE TIME! So annoying.

Also, quite a few of your suggestions are currently in progress. If you poke around the forums a bit you’l find a few Funcom curated threads where they report status on internal bugs and QoL issues they are working on.

How do you quote on these forums? Bad interface design. Should be obvious.


“I do not understand what you are meaning here”

You should look at how the games Rust and Space Engineers handle the selection of their building blocks. They are different. Rust has a single item, the building plan, where you hold right click and then have a wheel menu to select which shape piece you want to build, and then you can place a twig frame of it, and then upgrade it with a hammer tool.

Space Engineers has so many blocks in its game that they compress all Armor/Hull blocks of a tier into a single toolbar item, where you can then scroll through all the different variants of that tiers armor/hull block like full square, inverted corner, half block, triangle ramp, inside corner, etc etc. by using the scroll wheel.

Conan should adopt a similar practice with their building pieces. Say put the wall, window, door frame, stairs, ceiling wedge ceiling piece all into a single item that you would craft 1 or 10 of. But when it is selected in the hotbar you’d be able to scroll between all those options when you place it. They currently all have identical costs to craft in the game anyway, so the extra items/inventory space, and clicking/micro-management is uneccessary and clunky. Then you could have another one for the wedge and square foundations of each tier. And another to include all the roofing pieces. And another one for all the fencing pieces of a tier.

"I like the menus as they are; I do not wish to see them become more complicated or require more key strokes.

Forgive, the balance is TL;DR"

less clicks is exactly what my critique would achieve. Currently you have to either scroll through a huge list of crafting recipes to find what you want, and the sorting options are only by like, name, and 5 broad categories. Or you have to navigate your mouse all the way to the tiny search bar, and then KNOW THE EXACT NAME of what you’re trying to craft, and you BETTER NOT MISPELL IT. This would be fine if it had a Google level of auto-guess or auto-correct, but that’s a lot of programming.

It would be easier to just have a sort option that puts the recipes you hold the items in your inventory for at the top of the crafting menu. To use bigger icons, and to add more contrast and highlight to icons that you currently can make and darken the ones you don’t hold the items for.

It would also be nice to be able to queue recipies using items in the container in which you are currently in and have open. Even if they cancel when you close it like if you remove ingredients from your inventory mid crafting.

That way I can just open my box of bricks, reinforcements, and shaped wood and queue up a bunch of walls, without having to move everything to my inventory and back.

Again, look at how rust does their crafting menus. Their full menu and their quick crafting menu.

Aw, much appreciated.

I’d just like to add that this game needs a leather-sink. Currently on PVP when producing large amounts of tar for explosives you accumulate WAY TOO MuCH leather. I mean boxes and boxes I will never have a use for.

My suggestion would be to change the recipe for healing wraps. As Aloe extract is a superior healing item to the healing wraps, and it only costs the same (or less with a t3 alchemist) as a healing wraps, I suggest upping the leather cost of healing/numbing wraps and lowering the aloe cost of those items. This will give a economic reason to make wraps over aloe extract potions, and eat up a bunch of the extra leather in the economy of the game at the same time.


increase leather costs of armors, its way too low

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