Crafting Mechnics and Suggestions

Just a couple quick ones. I’m a little new to the game. Playing on PC.

  1. It would be great if when in any crafting menu you could click the ingredients for the item you need to make them. i.e. the boots need boot lining and hide. Let me double click the boot lining to either switch to that recipe or just craft it. This would help a lot with crafting grass fiber into twine and lots of other things. It would also make the disorganized menus less annoying.

  2. It would be really nice if stations would switch fuel source without me needing to come back to it and restart the crafting. Countless time my furnace wood and coal in it to burn but one runs out and crafting stop. I have a thrall with the furnace this seems like a task it should be able to handle.

  3. Crafting order. I have a furnace with coal, ironstone, iron bars, and steelfire. No matter the order I put these items in there and start the furnace the ironstone always jumps to the front. It would be nice if things would que in the order I que them and not a preset of some other priority.

I am not going to talk about all the bugs in the game, I see enough people doing that already. Even with all them this game is a lot of fun and well worth the money. Keep up the good work.

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hi, im still newish too, and for your idea 1) i think having it as an option to click on the inventory item, and the right side shows all recipes using that item, is cool :slight_smile:
even better, if we can hold down a certain keyboard key when clicking to toggle/show recipes.

  1. this is a cool idea too, i think due to an older bug, fuel was getting burned even if nothing was crafting, so it half fixed it to save on wasting fuel, but if your idea was optional, i would click it - especially for the Thall Wheels, because every time i load the game, (safely, or after a crash etc), the wheels stop progressing. - actually in the case of the wheels, it would be nice if food items were eaten by thralls, in order of most perishable item first :slight_smile:

  2. ive noticed this too, and it doesnt seem to be the same for all stations.
    for example, when cooking food, it (seems) to pick the oldest food, to cook it first, which kind of makes sense. except when using the stove, its always seems to be in the order you click, (which at least makes it a bit more predictable and manageable), but the fluid press or dryer, also seems to jump between what it will make first :slight_smile:

  3. your last line gets a +1, even with all the crashes (due to my old computer, plus 50 mods), its a whole lot of fun indeed :slight_smile:

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