UI and UE QoL changes

Ive been enjoying the crap out of this game since its release. I did not play any of the alpha, but I am told that the game has been much improoved. I see a lot of potential for curent large systems (combat, dungeons, bosses, crafting, and the purge). And while I’m sure these systems will continue to be improved and interated upon, I think there are a few small quality of life things that can be done to make this game flow a bit better from second to second while playing. Please note that I craft and build for my clan so a lot (and by a lot I mean all) of these are focused on those areas and their supporting systems.

  1. Use of Ctrl+f to search the crafting recipes in both the inventory screen and the recipe lists in the crafting stations. The keyboard command ought to engage the search bar above recipes, or highlight all text currently in that box to be replaced with the new search. Double clicking any search bar should also highlight text so that it can be replaced instead of having to manually delete the current text.

  2. Recipe search restrictions should persist through opening and closing the Inventory window.

  3. Option to use the same radial menu for the item bar when using keyboard and mouse controls that pad controls use.

  4. Automatically disarm/unequip hot bar items when interacting with crafting stations.

One extra that is a bit more difficult to pull off, and I think people might be divided on. It would be nice to be able to “pull” from nearby chests and crafting station inventories when crafting something by hand or in a crafting station. Make it so you can only pull from your personal inventory and owned containers and crafting stations, and the option to pull from clan owned box and crafting stations that are unlocked or flagged for sharing.


I played through EA and I can support what you’ve been told about the UI and QoL improvements. However, there were also some improvements that were removed as well such as a hot key ( [Spacebar] ) to craft a single item. I’ve accidentally crafted max quantity quite a few times now with the change, so I’d personally like to see that back in addition to what you’ve proposed. I have much more call for crafting a single item than I do for the maximum amount of an item and I cannot imagine I am too far out from the norm on this. I’d also truly love the ability to enter a specific number to be crafted rather than just one, ten or all.

Yes. Anything to help search/sort these cluttered screens/lists.

Sounds helpful though I’ve never really thought about it, or rather, I don’t seem to recall ever having thought about it.

Not really sure on this. I’ve never used a controller with CE (nor will I) so I’ve not seen it and I’ve never been particularly fond of radial menus in general being more in favor of hotkeys, keyboard/mouse button binds. It may be a wonderful idea, I’m just not certain.

Most definitely. And possibly when opening inventory. It’s a lot easier to re-equip after closing inventory than it is to have to close inventory, unequip, re-open inventory and commence what you were doing (at least in the case that what you had equipped when you opened inventory just happened to be what you were going to move/change which somehow happens to me often enough).

I agree that this sort of thing is wonderful in games that use it, but also agree that it’d be difficult to implement. In addition, I’m sure that there’d be outcries that claim it does not fit with the “Survival” genre or is too much like some other genre or somehow affects PVP, yaddaX3!

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2 is his huge. Closing the window to run and get a mat from storage etc. and having to reopen and research gets old fast.

I’d also like the ability to click a mat in your inventory and have it filter out any recipe that it’s not used in.

Add in a favorites tab for recipes you use a lot.

They can start by changing the textbox to a basic dropdown with you last couple of searches. MRU style.

And since the toolbar is part of the inventory and we’re able to put recipes in there they should just extend the functionality to the whole inventory. Be nice to drag a couple of say, sandstone recipes into your main inventory where we can craft from. Will save us from messing up our toolbar or having to repeat a previous search. And I so wish they would allow us to “use” any item from inventory without having to put it into the toolbar.