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List item

Clipping through building floors. Substructures develop a clippings bug

Inventory optimization

  1. “favorite handcraft items” or “most frequent handcraft items” always populate at the top three rows this would probably eliminate the need for #1, and #2 in the category “the easy fix”!

  2. The inventory crafting menu needs to be optimized it becomes quite cumbersome to search for items late game there needs to be a drop down menu added 4 sub categories

  3. Inventory really needs to be overhauled all together with the ability lock down certain items so they don’t get pulled out of your inventory when you’re putting stuff in the crates.

  4. Chest need to say empty if they’ve already been looted when your mouse over them. This will save a huge load on the server opening up a chest just to find out that it’s empty.

Server management

  1. There needs to be a way to pull up the server time. I play on a PVP server where you can only attack structures from 17 to 2300, but however I’m not able to figure out what time it is because I’m playing on an Asian server. There has to be some kind of command I can type in that will post server time

  2. Also need the ability 2 block certain players from spamming chat, one day some Chinese guy was spamming Chinese text for 12 hours. It pretty much made Global chat inoperable nobody could say a word.

  3. After a building decays and the thralls are left abandoned, they should be able to be claimed by other players. Or automatically disappear instead of hanging out and if an abandoned building 4 weeks after the building has completely decayed.

DLC match same Naming Extension

  1. Mace = Iron
    Exceptional Mace = Steel
    Flawless Mace = hardened Steel
    Celestial mace = star metal

  2. DLC with casual cloth/robes for Thralls


Crafting items I would like to see added to the game.

  1. A Ballista. That could be mounted on your building structure that shot a large Bolt. That you could use to shoot large game animals. Are using a PVP raid

  2. A way to breakdown items such as swords and weapons that you gather while farming thralls. A way to smelt them down in the furnace back into ingots. Of the corresponding quality And Bows back down into boards of the corresponding quality

  3. Also would like to see the a thrall that had the ability to be a merchant. The items that you placed on the thrall could be sold for a certain price. So if a player wanted to sell alcohol, or food on his thrall. And then place his thrall in a Marketplace are in front of his shop.
    But the thrall would have to be protected from murder. To keep players from killing them from their gold. This would give relevance to the in-game currency silver and gold.

  4. Climbing rope & hook

  5. Improved elevator - T2, T3 “FASTER”

  6. Crystal is a very underused resource in Conan, and I think that needs to change. With only 5 actual items to use it on ( Map room, salt, glass, radium gem, and dragonpowder) it could be nice to get a few more items to build, especially with the potential it has in its beauty.
    Here are a few suggestions I’ve come up with that I would like to see.

Crystal mirror
Crystal skulls
Crystal window
Crystal crown

Random Stuff

  1. For the north we need blizzards, they would be the norths sandstorms.

  2. The ability to increase the level cap, infinite scale.

  3. A trading system that uses Silver and gold.

  4. New trophies/achievements for future updates. To keep us hunters busy.

  5. Farming the ability to plant a small crop something like 4x4 in size

  6. T4 building materials

Artificial intelligence
1 Sometimes the AI is brutal especially within the group. But sometimes I’ve seen it go full ■■■■■■ the NPC will Agro and then run off in the opposite direction. Other times I’ve seen it stop agro for no apparent reason. Are not notice me all together. I think the most frustrating thing is all times I’ll run right through you stop behind you and then turn around to attack you. That gets so annoying, and I’m not sure if that’s a latency issue or just AI reacting slowly.

Let’s start:


  1. There is already the Quickview,
  2. Better Inventory Management is really needed, but i got used to the search function
  3. Never needed that because i never just drop off all stuff unsorted

Server Management:

  1. ESC => Settings => Server Settings => It displays the local server time
  2. ESC => Player List => Mute him
  3. Next update will implement Thrall hunger, so they will die after a short while.


  1. Every T4 Thrall can craft every DLC Item in Flawless
  2. For me, no thanks


  1. Would be okay i guess but don’t see any need for it
  2. Same, ressources are already so easy to get
  3. Ingame trading would be fun, one more thing to do!
  4. Don’t see the need
  5. Already suggested and not easy to do - check suggestions thread

Random Stuff:

  1. The Sandstorm is not a natural event, it is anchored in the lore.
  2. No, it would imbalanced too much stuff, you can go modded if you really need it
  3. see Items 3.
  4. Uhh, okay
  5. Whats wrong with the farming places?
  6. T4 Maybe, but i think there are quite some more important things to do first (Content)

Already worked on check the news threads

[quote=“krampe, post:2, topic:36891”]
Server Management:

  1. ESC => Player Liste => Mute This does not work its Mutes Steam Chat not in game Globe chat
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Oh didn’t know that, never had the need to mute someone.

Maybe start mentioning the Dan Nang massacre in chinese letters and we will get taken by the chinese state police.


it blows my mind that some one would spam chat for a hole day with 15 people on a server

also there is no server time in the server setting

Well there definatly was one, like was in, there was a hotkey for the player list, was…

I like several of these ideas. I would like to add the option of “favorite handcraft items” or “most frequent handcraft items”. I think sometimes it is just a pain to scroll down the hand craft items list to find that sandstone pillar, or twine (fk twine).

At the current stage of the game, Gold/Silver are mainly used for alchemical base. I would like to see more purpose of hoarding gold coins. put some merchants in the volcano to sell us some serpent tools/weapons, or merchants in set city can sell us (on occasions) legendary weapons. (at very high cost, idc)

eww that’s a good one I really like that this would actually be the simple fix the UI need

You are correct, once you get your T4 blacksmith there are upgraded versions of those items but what I’ve come to realize is that the naming conventions are all jacked up. The Aquilonian items are all made of iron. They should have names Extension that represent material type for exceptional if they’re made of iron, and then Exceptional Mace is made of steel. And then finally Flawless if it’s made with hardened steel.

After looking into this I really get the impression that they have two systems they’ve merged together.

I have two Salutations A and B

A. It should be. Naming Convention as follows.
Stone mace
Mace equals iron
Exceptional mace = hardened iron
Morningstar = Steel
Flawless Morning Star = hardened steel
Celestial mace = star metal

Example B this works for all items of the game regardless of type and the naming convention is relevant to the material used. This might be a simpler solution

Mace = Iron
Exceptional Mace = Steel
Flawless Mace = hardened steel
Celestial mace = star metal

Option B would make it much easier to add future conscient, and would clean up the current system. Because right now it’s a mess. It needs an overhaul

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