80 hour Feedback from a new Player

First off, I love the game it’s really entertaining, I found myself killing crazy amounts of time with it. After, fighting through a purge, I can’t wait to see what else the game has in store. I am not new to these Sandbox style games and I feel my suggestions have some weight to them. ARK Space Engineers, Minecraft, Starforge, Trove, etc.

Mostly I’ve been building and enjoying the Thrall system a lot. So that’s what I’m going to post about. Short and sweet.

What I like:

  • The ability to Climb Anything, Seriously this is wonderful! The amount of Die Hard Escapes I’ve made trying to get away from tigers beautiful!

  • a Level 1 can run away from everything. Seriously, you would be surprised how many games get this messed up. By having level 1 able to run from everything you actually encourage exploration.

  • Exploration is a thing, and it’s actually fun. Yet it isn’t hindering to Veterans with fog of war map, but is as intuitive as the Skyrim map. Well done Do not Change!

  • Exploration rewards you with rare armors Cool!

  • As you build a lot of one product tool you get faster at it… It’s logical Wow!

  • I love how base ingredients and resources are used in multiple structures. This makes harvesting resources less tedious.

+I love the art and the bloom style of the game. It feels very primitive proto - post Bronze Age Civilization.

  • I love how a lot of the building and gathering is intuitive.

  • Building weapons feels intuitive and it makes sense

  • Spears feel great and it’s great to see that the weapons are reasonable balanced. Combat feels intuitive and fluid, yet difficult to master. Nice

  • Stat and Thralls feel they work as they should. Thralls act a little weird during a purge and it’s cool that they capable of accidentally hurting each other.

  • Repairing equipment and shattering equipment, are pretty awesome features for the game. On the opposite side I like how torches and Thrall archers have infinite ammo and torches don’t burn out of fuel.

Things that irk me:

  • (Biggest disappoint) Religion… All Religions are the same… You kill something… You cut it up (people)… You gain benefit… All religions are the same… I was very disappointed when Mitra required human heart sacrifices, and Derketo had no orgies, romancing priests… Religions need to be made to be different. They might as well all be Set with worse benefits. Make it so idk, Derketo priestess require dancers are their priests to gain favor. Make it so Mitra demands non human food offerings, or burned quality clothing to gain favor. Do something to make them feel different.

  • I can’t talk to my own Religion’s people and to get a priest I have to kidnap them? Shouldn’t I just be able to bribe them to work for me? like offer coin? This is a little weird for me.

  • I can stand on the outside of a window wall and regain my stamina before climbing my tower. Pretty glaring PVP exploit in my honest opinion.

  • Some things that are made belong in other trees. The Tent is an example. Why is the basic green tent a level 20 something Feat? It literally protects you from sand storms. There are others…

  • Some of the recipe feats are really useful, but they’re put in strange trees. The Well and all of the Torches for example. Hell even Candles are kinda useful.

  • Using lock on and unlock target in combat makes combat more cool and easier for Sword and Shield users, but makes combat a frustrating exercise of roll or die for two-handed weapon users. It’s gotten me killed more often than not. I feel better not using it on my Spearman.

  • Feathers are kinda hard to obtain. Kinda frustrating considering they’re the life or death of Archers. Make it so fiber can be a subpar ingredient substitute?

  • NPCs have this weird bug where after they finish fighting with their main weapon set, that if they are agitated again, they grab a one handed weapon but not the shield in their inventory. I’ve actually exploited this with some of the Darfari Fighters that use bone shields. Please fix A.S.A.P.

-There’s no transition animations from sitting to standing or sleeping to standing. You have to like Roll to get out of the animation. The animations themselves are fun and well done. But it just needs a couple more finishing touches.

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well you just gotta kill the birds int he desert and jungle to get the feathers, i collect 100s at a time by skinning them even an axe will get youmany, but the best arrows in the game that i can find are the weak snake arrows from set which require no feathers (weird right?) so i have 0 need for feathers ever. nice list i agree with most of what you mentioned

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Thanks for the tip! Yeah okay I can see that. I don’t see how a low level player is going to even survive to get to the jungle birds though.

run, run , run lol you can run form most enemies but yea they might be a lil tough to kill for low levels

There are birds south east of the unnamed city and there are birds nests there for eggs, great source of food and water for low levels. But beware, there are a lot of hyenas there also.