Appreciation from a new player

So, I’m absolutely new to this game and rather new to survival games in general (started playing them with friends around 3 years ago)
I used to play more RPGs, CRPGs, MMOs or Hack’n’Slay games.

Just so you know my point of view and why I appreciate this game so unbelievably much:

To me and my friends, this game is the combination of everything we ever wanted in MMOs. It has dungeons, ‘world bosses’, open PvE zones, building/ housing system, ‘siege’ system (purge), multiple biomes, beautiful, deep and interesting worldbuilding, even deeper lore, wonderful voice acting, really good soundtrack and most important to me, huge differences in elevations.
Nothing beats standing infront of a statue of old ruins and highway, that are so big, it is hard to see the top, or looking down a mountain range and not being able to see the ground.
On top of that, there are interesting systems, like the thrall, follower, pet - system and a whole lot of ‘unique’ equiment. The progression feels really rewarding aswell.

I don’t know how the release went, I heard bad things, but the game I started playing 3 weeks ago, is the most complete and versatile survival game I’ve played yet.
I can’t speak about the PvP content in this game, because I usually don’t enjoy it too much and also I believe a lot of the criticism this game gets is justified, but if I would’ve read either too much this forum or the reddit sub, I might’ve gotten the wrong impression and would’ve never started playing.

So, this is no bashing of other opinions, or me trying to say, that these forums are too toxic in any way, shape or form. It’s just to show, that I believe especially new players can see the good things about this game.


Hello, and welcome to the game and the forums.

It’s often easy to see things only from one’s own perspective and think that “my opinion is the only right one”. The beauty of a game such as this is how it offers something for a very broad audience. You may absolutely love something I hate, and I love something you dislike, and we can still both enjoy the same game, each in our own different fashion.

There is no one right way to play the game, nor are there wrong ones. Yes, a lot of the criticism towards the game is justified in the perspective of the people expressing that criticism, but those aspects may not bother me. That’s why it’s important to try and understand people who complain about things I may not see as problems.

Thank you for your post, it’s an important reminder of how different everyone’s approaches to the same game can be.


The game is decent, I can live with most of the bugs.
But the AI always been terribly bad, and the combat is pretty poor too atm.

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I’ve been doing this since early access and there’s one other thing you’ll get from this experience: although I play on PvP servers, I have found some very amazing, and in many cases, irreplaceable friends. Keep your options open for new pals, because Conan Exiles seems to bring together some of the finest gamers in the world.


Welcome. What device do you play on? There’s people here that can help you with most common questions and problems. Good luck.


I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! Welcome to the forum


As a burned out and sometimes toxic poster myself, I have been searching for something comparable to CE without success.
Maybe I am just very picky about my games, but the graphics alone are far above any other game I have looked at and/or tested.
I still recommend this game to friends, no matter what I say on the forums…lol.


It is very refreshing to hear a new player’s perspective, especially a positive one.
For an open world survival game, this remains the only one that delivers for me even after 4 years of playing.
There are still moments when I’m traveling around the Exiled Lands map and just stop to take in a beautiful scene; sunsets are particularly stunning.

Thank you for sharing your experience and welcome to the game!


Woohoo! It’s always a joy to welcome a new player, especially if they like the game! May you enjoy it for a long time :smiley:


I had a similar experience, where reading, and even seeing Youtubers and Twitch streamers portraying negative aspects of the game, had turned me off. Eventually I tried the game anyway, and found that I love almost every nuance of Conan Exiles. :beer: Welcome to the forums and to a really great game. Happy hunting! :+1:


Great game that is very underrated and admittedly has some problems technically. But the idea behind it is a fascinating take on the survival genre.

One thing I’ll say though… and this may piss people off. I think the game would benefit from a scheduled wipe.

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Toxic peoples always make more noise than friendly ones.
Bougth it 3 years ago and i saw all cool add ons and feature funcom gave us (excepet healt bars^^)
They said no mounts and we get some,they said no new biomes and we get siptah,so far one of my favorite game played on ps4 just backside rdr2
Obviously i d lost some thralls,chest or builds but now the game is really decent .
Enjoy !


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