Listen here Funcom

…you guys actually made a friggin’ AMAZING game! I don’t often feel the need to come to a forum to make a fuss, in fact I literally made my forum login to make this post. Honestly though, the depth, difficulty, reason to explore, value of exploration, and overall quality of this game is a bell weather for the genre as far as this customer is concerned.

I know it is easy to critique things you love, and I am sure that as time passes I will develop some loving concerns, but I purchased this game on December 13th, and have sunk a healthy 155 hours into it already, and I literally wake up in the middle of the night hungry for more! I could go on and on, honestly, about the things I LOVE about this game, but I need to get back to playing guys, so this is my sincerest thank you for making a game that is actually fun to play, and has some soul!

Thank you again to all of you for your hard work on this game,


-An old jaded gamer who had thought good games didn’t exist anymore


Welcome exile and merry Christmas. I wish these were my first words 2+ years before I entered this forum. For me to be exact it is my first and only gaming forum I ever visited. Yet I can still assure you, 3 years after, playing thousands hours of this game, my feelings are still the same. So 1+ vote to everything you just stated.

Ps. feel free to ask anything you want. I learned the base of the game totally alone, so I strongly recommend it but… One tip only if you allow me. To fix gruel to tame your thralls and feed them to stay healed on fights, you need seed and fiber in the campfire. 2 or 3 cooking recipes do not exist in books of knowledge on this game, you learn them by accident or from tips :wink:


This game is really easy to get into and sink some serious time into. But occassionally you might find yourself in a bit of a rut. When that happens, don’t be afraid to take a break. I’ve been playing this game since beta/early access and everytime I find myself having to find things to do, I just take a break for a bit.

When I come back, I simply just play another character, or even on another server with another ruleset. Its always a fresh experience and you’ll find that there are many ways to play on each play through. This is definitely a game meant to be played through a few times. As you can always try out a new theme.

I’ve done many of them too. From Aquilonian themes to Pictish, and Zingaran, to Aesir (getting that blood feud on), and Stygian, and even elves (with mods). When you make a new character you can even change up your build style.


Agree and the main reason for your reaction is Dec 2021 is because of the active listening to the player base the company has done for the past 3 years. It continues to get better with each update (yes sometime there is a step back and something really breaks but those are fixed quickly). Imho, it’s not a static product and because of this…it is fresh. There are those that prefer static play…but I love the slight changes that happen that I’m still discovering. So to sum it up…the initial game was decent when my console got it. It’s got so much better as the years went on. It’s that growth that I love from the company and will continue to support.


Yet all the people play LoL/Dota/Counter Strike/Call of Duty/Whatever is FOTM.

This game needs more players and higher numbers.


Right? I was thinking the same thing. There needs to be like a free weekend or something, this game is just so much better than most things on the market.

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Great advice, thanks!


Not necessary. You can play alone for a long time. I have been playing this way for a year and a half, however, I have been using mods for a long time.


You’ll NEVER convince me of that!!!

image :innocent:

LOL… Some people just like to create drama I guess. Even in a thread devoted to praise.

Or maybe you can point me to these magical non-existent people who are being banned for building in a building game.

I was under the impression people were being slapped for breaking the rules… how silly am I? :crazy_face:


I’m surprised it took 10 posts before somebody had to insist on dragging down a positive thread (typically its within the first 5, guess the trolls are slacking). Par for the course for this forum though. Not allowed to have a single thread that’s positive. Just 24:7 Conan Exiles sux or Funcom sux



Great idea for new characters in the game though…


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I wish there were gms in the game to communicate to players if base is consider to big on a pvp world compare to a slow ticket system that only gets a one sided story.

The game itself is good. I dealt with hackers and mesher of all sort but dealing with not knowing if your in the rules or not is stressful. Rules are interpret in many ways. I dealt with my share of rules and lawyers agree with me ( other situations ) but these can be interpreted in many ways. Hard to enjoy a game when a group of people cant win a fight and resort to making complaint tickets.

I won against meshers and ddosers which were really annoying. All done with persistence and time.

-3k hours playing conan.

Can not agree with OP enough. I’ve played since the first few months of EA, over 5.5k hours, and I’m still in love with this game. The scenery is gorgeous, the character movement is smoother than any game I’ve ever seen, the lore is interesting, the building mechanics are AWESOME, and the combat movements are just cool as heck.

Add to all of that an incredibly vast, generous and helpful modding community, and you get one FANTASTIC gaming experience!


Don’t point that reply at me, it might be loaded!

I didn’t flag :triangular_flag_on_post: anything. I never do.

Is it funny to me? Yes, hell yes! It would be funny if it happened to me too. I’m not one to take digital content seriously in any way shape or form! And if it is something serious or meaningful I keep it as far away from the digital world as I possibly can!

One of my bases was destroyed. I didn’t even think for more than 3 seconds about it before I just went: oh yeah, I was prolly too close to that fiend-vault 30 meters over there - duh! Bahahahaaa… <~~ See? Laughing! It’s a game!

Is it funny to me that someone comes into a “thank you and praise” thread and starts off-topically bashing what was being praised?

No, that is not funny! And no, you are likely not a troll… you’re just being one in this thread. Interesting thing about that, you can stop at any time. :slight_smile:


I really want to flag this post for some reason.


Yeah I see those folks over on the Facebook forums. “That’s it, I have officially deleted the game. I’m done.”. You know what they are doing the next day?.. recruiting for another raiding clan to take out some other big baddy using the same exact tactics they did before…guess what’s going to happen. Look I’m sure there are legit horror stories of Innocent folks getting banned. I am expecting at least one of my bases to get Thanos’d eventually just because of the size and I’m sitting at 6k foundations. But it’s worth the risk knowing that an equalizer is present and enforcing rules that had to come into play. I’ve noticed more people coming in now. Brand new people. I haven’t seen that for a year.


Yesterday I saw 34 players online on official pvec i play. PlayStation.
I reconized that the last weeks there are also many new people playing. Maybe I should start yelling that the game is dead, because I don’t want to see 40/40 when I want to play :sweat_smile:

I think many of the new people feels like the op. And me too. Even if I get the time where I came online and don’t know what to do so I stop playing Conan for few weeks or month. I will come back and spent the next hunderts of hours on the game


Yah I been hearing bans left and right for bases that are not even that big on pvp. I had a guy try to extort me on my alpha server so he reported me when I didnt give him anything. Funcom needs to communicate with clan leaders in one form or another. Destroying a base and suspending an account is excessive. We do have multiple servers that we are on. Also the fact we cant discuss the issue before they thanos the base.

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