Worn Curio cannot be deleted or sold

The Worn Curio gadget that is given to all characters during the Tokyo intro mission, can now no longer be removed from inventory.

Trying to delete it gives a pop-up message that “You cannot delete this item”.

And it has no vendor price, so it cannot be sold to a vendor.

Please fix this soon. It is incredibly annoying to have a precious inventory slot being taken up by this useless gadget.

Did you just conclude that it can not be sold, or did you actually go to a vendor and tried to sell it?
I just sold one not long ago, if anything changed it must have been the latest update.

No reason to get rude. It wasn’t clear from your post simple as that. Here might be some useful advice, though you dont really deserve any. Do a petition and have it removed by a GM.

I had no trouble deleting one of mine just now. Didn’t even have to unequip it first (or put it in the bank and relog, like you used to).