Inventory bug - items not deletable

Hello fellow secret worlders and devs!

I come to you with a slightly annoying bug concerning my inventory. Since a few days (Monday 26th to be precise) I cannot delete most of my inventory items.

Weapons, talismans, distillates, login and cache reward bags, they are totally stuck. When I try to delete them, I get the following message: “You cannot delete this item”.

However, some items like mission reward bags, snow balls and caches can be deleted without problem.

This is not stopping me from playing and I managed to clean my inventory. A kind GM even offered me to delete items that I wanted gone.

Character name : Seyrra

Thanks a lot.

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No one can delete these items. Purified distillates are free to use so it costs nothing to do so. Not sure about cache bags as I never attempted to delete those. Opening a cache is kinda a big deal so the rewards from doing so are usually worth keeping.

Weapons and Talismans can only be used, sold to vendors or placed in marketplace (AH). Can unopened caches be deleted? Unsure, never tried.

That was awful nice of that GM to destroy potential items of value, hopefully nothing useful was lost and it was all fodder or something.

Did you try to sell the weapons to a vendor first?

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