Missing items from inventory

Game mode: * Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: USA
Mods?: Are mods installed: Yes

Bug Description:

Items disappear from inventory

Expected Behavior:

Items in my inventory to be there when I log in.

Installed Mods:

Unlock Plus

Steps to Reproduce:

I do not know. I logged into game and went out adventuring and noticed my legendary Set’s Tongue daggers were gone. Since they cleanse poison when equipped I always carry them in character inventory. I checked the logs and nothing was mentioned.

Two days later I crafted 3 pieces of chilled godbreaker armor then ran out of scraops to craft more. I equipped those three pieces plus two pieces of other armor I had already had for some time and went adventuring in Klael’s dungeon for more scraps. When done I returned to my base and logged for the night. Logged in the next day and all five pieces of my armor were gone. Both the newly crafted 3 pieces of godbreaker and the other two. Checked the logs and again there was no mention of the items.

Server is pve with body logged out of world when you log. This all occurred from about 05/17/2021- 05/20/2021

Are you an admin? I am asking because with Pippi admins can view and delete items from your inventory but I think you need to be online for that, not 100% sure though.

Another possibility that comes to my mind, have you tried killing yourself, sometimes you can get this inventory bug where the items are invisible but they are still there and removing your bracelet resolves the issue.

Thank you for the suggestions. I am not admin. And I will try the remove bracelet however since my first daggers went missing I have died three times using bracelet removal (my server has you keep all items upon death so I will remove bracelt to grab a fast travel with all my stuff back to home base). But since all the armor went missing I have not tried to die since then, but I have relogged into game several times to see if that would help.

Also I recall when there was an inventory issue in the past where the items were still there but would show blank plus you were still weighed down with the items. For me the weight is correct, I moved all pack items into a chest and it had my encumbrance at 0 so no hidden items. Appreciate the ideas of things to try, anything helps at this point. I will check the Pippi discord too for any ideas, the server admin did not delete any items however he does run scripts for npc’s to hand out quests so possible that could glitch something? Will check it out.

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