Items disappearing from Inventory

I wish I could say that this was an isolated incident, but ever since the latest update and bug fixes, I’ve since had to remake several items, and the latest to disappear from my inventory was Bindings of the Dead. Every other time is was always my truncheon. This time I had the truncheon in my belt to prevent it from disappearing, and minutes after making the truncheon, the bindings that were in the next slot in my inventory, disappeared, nowhere to be found.
And before anyone says anything, no they weren’t misplaced, I literally went to 1 chest, the Torturers table and the Tinkerers Bench. In none of those places.


I had something similar happen to me. It was my chain bindings that disappeared. I thought I was going crazy. Now the server I play on is heavily modded so it may have been related to those. Do you have any mods?

Sorry I realised after I posted that I should have said that this is on an official server. So there aren’t any mods that the blame could be attributed to.

Yeah definitely sounds like it’s a bug with the official game then. Might be good to post it to the bugs report page.


I remember a bug where the items would become invisible, and I had to log off/on to find them. I haven’t had that happen in a few years, but it was definitely a bug.


I believe you. We have had things dissappear from our inventory on Ps4 make one feel they have lost to many brain cells.


I had this on ps4 a month ago. Items in my inventory get invisible. I only noticed that because I was overloaded while I was naked and had an empty inventory.
When I interact with a chest by pushing the give all button I was able to move the invisible items to the chest and with get all i get them back.

I don’t know how often this happened but after relogin the items where visible again.


Was it on PvE, PvE-C or PvP?

Back in the day when stacks of stone were like 100, I sometimes feel the need to fill someones inventory with stones while they were gone.

Of replace their steel weapons or tools with star metal ones lol.

I mean in PvE-C and PvP during PvP times you can acces someones inventory.


This is in a PVE Oceanic server, so players inventories and chests arent accessible to other players, either unconscious or on death… So it wouldn’t be that I wouldn’t think. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Yeah, I think I’ll definitely do that! I didn’t realise there was a bug specific one.


I have reported it to the bugs page in as much detail as I can… I have also tried to reference this thread too so that all the other experiences that have been mentioned here get some airtime.


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