As of tonight, is anyone else experiencing items vanishing into thin air from your inventory?

I’ve seen posts about this sort of thing in the past, but we had 4 different players experience items vanishing from their inventory tonight. These occurred on private servers, but 2 people lost Cold Death Eye Patch multiple times. I lost 9 vials of sacrificial blood and someone else lost some items which may have been due to a map transfer.

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Nothing that I’m aware of (PlayStation official PvE). Aside from being on a private server, what platform are you playing on? If it’s PC, do you use mods?

Yep, its a private map cluster. We have Exiled Lands, Siptah, Savage Wilds, Isle of Men, Sapphire and like 2-3 other maps all connected. Each map has the same mods for the most part, but not all. However, the items were simply disappearing from maps that they were acquired on, except for one who did transfer from one map to another, so that may have been the cause. As for the other 3 folks, not sure what is causing items to simply vanish.

I have not encountered item loss myself on our private servers. We are running mods too. We are currently playing Exiled Lands.

All my Black blood tools which I bought with Obuli vanished a week or so ago, except the pick from the hot bar. I thought I was out of my mind and placed them in an animal or a thrall. But no… My tools are gone not my sanity…

*Private server, EU, EL


I could see how in map transfer something could get lost… like, an item specific to Isle of Men not going to a map without it if IoM isnt loaded… but I’m not sure how if you got something on a map, stayed on that map, and it just vanished would happen… it would need like, an item reference changed for the map if its a map specific item. Base game items should go across all maps regardless; theyre in the base game itemtable and, unless deliberately removed, should be on all maps. Hmmm… are you using anything else that touches character data? Maybe some mod in the list is really old and it doesnt have up to date merged datatables and doesnt have the items in question? Just guessing. I’d look up all the mods used and see if you have any that predate 3.0. It could be that the mod in question doesnt have all the items. Then you could move it up higher in the modlist to before the newer mods and the newer item lists would take effect… but that still wouldnt explain how an item was found in the first place… its a puzzling idea unless its just a thieving sneak…

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This would be my best guess, too. Some sort of conflict in item ID’s. I’m not a modder so I’m not sure what would happen if a mod had an item with the same ID as the “vanished” items - would it replace the original item, or would the game get stuck between the two options like a donkey between haystacks?

I have not noticed anything missing of late. On Official server or Private Servers.

No mods were installed when this happened. Everything else seemed normal and none of my mates had similar problems. I’m okay with, it’s just a curious case of… Anomaly… Glitch in the matrix… Aliens… :sweat_smile:

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All is well. Symptoms of private server and the mistake of deleting a Ban or Exclusion chest. Apparently it caused havoc with certain items from DMT mod. Doesn’t explain how I lost 9 vials of blood from sorcery though as that has nothing to do with a mod, lol.

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We loose stuff all the time, 2 years ago we lost 8 chests in one time.

In every MMO we have played in the last 25 years we have lost stuff.
We just move on.

In SWG SOE lost every vender station in the game. Peeps lost millions of credits worth of stuff.
Never got replaced

That’s not really how you get stuff fixed in a game. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

Once I thought too that some items disappeared from my inventory but they was only invisible. When I was naked I wasn’t at 0%
Next day after server restart they where visible again.
But can’t tell that this is the same also it was on playstation official pre 3.0
But maybe check your weight if you put everything down from your inventory,

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