Items vanished after logging in

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

After logging in today (logged out yesterday), the Armor that my character was wearing since yesterday has vanished. The vanished armor pieces are light boots, light chestpiece, light gauntlets, light wrap. The items in my armorer’s bench have also vanished. This contained 1 piece of light padding, some hide and twine. Name of Server = Official #1306-PvP. Character name = Marymba.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Step 1: log out
  2. Step 2: log in


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Did you check your event log?

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Thank you for the tip. I am new to the game. I did notice now in the event list that someone stole items from the armorer’s bench. There’s nothing mentioned about the armor worn by the character. The armorer’s bench and my character were inside a walled off area when I logged off (4x4 sandstone frame, ceiling and foundation). Aside from the armor, no items were missing from the character’s inventory or 1-8 slot items. Can you steal things from a bench without destroying it? It’s near the window opening of the wall frame, so they could have taken it from it by simply pressing E(?) I kind of assumed that you have to destroy the bench first before being able to get the items. In any case, I have no idea what happened to the armor worn by the character.
EDIT: I am going to assume for now that they stole my armor because the character was close to a window frame in the wall, so that they could simply steal it by pressing E(?)

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Do not build windows on a PVP server unless you want stuff stolen. You can simple look through the window and if the bench or chest is close enough, someone can just loot it.

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On PvP servers all benches are open including wheels of pain, animal pens, altars. The only items you can lock are your chests/vaults. Everyone can access your body when offline and take your stuff. Windows can be used to steal stuff and kill whoever is inside.

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