Server #1126 PvP Items disappear


This is the third times our items in worshop like furnace without chest disappear, in fact every thing like iron, armor, slaves… disappear !!! And i’m sure it is not the purge, the only thing which stay is food, so please fix it because the game have a LOT of bug, but that just stop the progress in game and ruin the game, we just can’t play and do a camp, i’m here since the early access of the game, and it’s a nice game, really but unfortunately there is a lot of bug

Do you have windows? Can you see any of the crafting tables visually passing through the wall. Even a little, just one spot of a furnace or work table etc and another player can interact and steal.

Hi, yes i have windows 10 64bits and i know it’s not a player because you can see it in a history of event, you know if a structure as been destroy etc, and there is nothing, more over i have a lot of archers and warriors, and anybody disappear, so it’s impossible a player can come without killing anybody, and i test to see what you said but i can’t interact so i don’t think it’s that, sorry for my bad english and thanks to answered me

I steal though many, many windows. It will not be in the event log unless the thief destroys something.

Yes finally i see i have windows so i think you have true, but yesterday in tchat i saw other players had the same problems but they haven’t windows, and i just disconnected 5 min and when i’m coming back, everything disappeared again, but any archers fired, any warriors changed place and it’s impossible a person can do that, in 5 min he climbed, took everything and left being blocked, and climbed two walls with fences, it strange really, and as i said before, i’m not alone

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