Mission items that can't be deleted

While doing missions in SWL you will pick up many different mission items. Some can be deleted. Others can’t. These items are automatically sorted into their own bag labeled “Mission Items.” Over the course of a mission many of the mission items get used up and usually the completion of a mission will clear out most or all of the items relevant to that mission.

Over time you may need to pause a quest here and there and so you end up with quest items you can’t get rid of. Unlike the bags that you create, the Mission Items bag does not use up any of your inventory slots. In fact, the Mission Items bag has no limit at all. You never have to worry about running out of inventory space due to excess mission items because the bag will keep making room for more items as you acquire them.

If you know you’ll never want to do a certain quest over again – or if you’re just sick of looking at the same mission items day after day – and you can’t delete them, feel free to open an in-game petition with “/petition” and a GM can remove these indestructible mission items for you.

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