Hey just a few question and help with a few things

So, i came back to the game after a few month of not playing.
and im a bit lost xD
not sure what to do or how to get better gear and such.
i used to play with some friends but they all stoped,
so new friends and help with some info will be really appreciated :smiley:
thnaks ^^

Do missions for rewards of XP and Gear Bags. Missions show on your minimap, so just choose one and get to it :smile:

You can also queue for dungeons by hitting Shift-V. Don’t queue as a Tank or Healer unless you have the skills to actually play the role, assuming you can do Elites yet.

Hit “Y” to upgrade your items with other items, preferably of the same “type” for the bonus XP. Look for 3-Pip items to upgrade over your starter 1/2-Pip if you haven’t done that already.

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hey. thank you :smiley:
about the missions i opened all the maps (all the way to tokyo yay)
so the quality reward i get (the gear bags) depende on where i do it? :open_mouth:
haa i never did any dungeons, i’m not sure im good enough and i dont want to leech on others T_T

I would suggest going to each map and completing any missions you haven’t done yet, ones that you have not done are marked as blue on your map. the higher the zone you are in the more varied the type of bags and number of bags you will get increases from missions.
Since you’ve never done any dungeons it might be a good idea to do all of them on story mode first, or on E1 with you just as dps to learn the mechanics of the dungeons.

i see, thanks i’ll try and do dungeons story mode then ^^

After you get to SD, the bag rewards remain the same for all zones. Though the types of Talismans you can get inside them don’t “cap” until CotSG iirc. That said, the XP and Shards you get is a little wonky, and side missions in Tokyo give bonus Keys.

So, the most efficient missions for Anima Shards and XP are the repeatable story missions in Tokyo. Then the side missions in Tokyo, since even a failed key gives 750 Shards. Then is CotSG, followed by SD. Oddly, the Transylvania missions actually drop sharply in Shard and XP (I think xp anyway, shards for sure) rewards. For time investment, and speed, I find SD is a “sweet spot” for daily speeding of missions, though some people like to do Assault on Orochi and then a full tower run. I find the tower to be slower than SD, but much much more straightforward if you don’t know all of the missions by heart.

wow thank you so so much for the tips.
only 1 question… whar’s SD and CostSG?? >_<

Scorched Desert and City of the Sun God - the two desert areas.

A quirk of the current game is that there’s a large number of overgeared players rushing Elite 1 dungeons for the chance at a blue chest at the end. Most would have no issue with a new player running along to suck up quick loot - I certainly don’t.

Join custom chat channel Sanctuary (/chat join Sanctuary) and global Looking For Group to see people recruiting sporadically. Never hurts to ask if they’ll drag you along.

^ very handy for figuring out your desired gear.

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oh ok now i know :smiley:

hmmm worth a try, i just need to figure out how to use the chat correctly xD
and thanks for the list! very helpful :slight_smile:

Since you (OP) mentioned something about wanting to find new friends, Sanctuary should be your first stop for social interation. Lots of players gather there and freely give advice, post group requests, and just natter in general.