Help advancing my character and gear

I am a returning plaer it has been years since i played and in all honesty I am lost I have no idea where to get decent gear where to quest especially on my old characters. I have an 80 necro in a guild but i have zero idea how to advance him. I have leveled a necro, demonologist and dark templar to 20 and out of tortage It almost seems like i should abandon the older toons to relearn the game. Draw back here is no one is running low leel dungeons. I like having gear that kills my world opponent fast (pve) but without access to the dungeons or solo stuff i can do i cant get any gear. I cant make it at low levels and i have no gold to buy. Does the game offer gear for sale if not what am i to do If this continues Ill have no choice to move on. Its the same problem with EQ2 no way to catch up an no one really interested in help. All the guides seem really dated and i dont know where the are in content updates when the last update was


The game itself has a very low population. There is no content map or updates. They couldn’t be bothered to turn on halloween seasonal events on time this year, and when they finally did, did something to cause the quest givers to bug out and as far as I know, haven’t bothered to turn them off. The last actual “content” update was 2+ years ago.

You can buy gear that is very OP for low levels from the item store at levels 20 and 50. The gear you get at 20 from the item store should last you quite a long time, and much the same with the gear you can buy at 50. Keep in mind and take a look at the numerous threads (you might have to search a bit) on these forums about people having issues with billing when buying a subscription or points. A lot of people aren’t getting what they paid for in a timely manner. Buy points at your own risk because they could be instant delivery, or take 1+ week to actually be put onto your account and opening a support ticket can take weeks to months for a response from Funcom.

Making money in this game is easy by questing and killing stuff. There are little rewards for killing 20 enemies a day, getting some fatalities, and doing like 3 quests and those rewards usually include in game money. If your guild is active you can maybe ask guildmates to craft you gear at 40 and higher. A lot of guilds have people who are crafters and probably wont mind making you stuff so long as you help gather the materials needed to craft the gear, and some might even do it for free. The gear might not last you as long as you’d like in comparison to item store gear packs, but its another option that doesnt require taking a chance with spending real money. As for lower level dungeons, you could always ask if any higher levels would run you through some dungeons. Even with a highly diminished population, if there are any 80s on who are bored and dont have any raids or 6 mans planned, they’ll probably help you out.

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Best way is just to learn your necro again by playing :grin: it’s got the most survivability of all the mages for a start with frenzy on pets and stuns and fear cc ….

Easiest way to gear up is raid finder for t3 and t4 gear but for your low levels you get some nice quest rewards from most areas the website (aoc is better than tv) will tell you where to get most gear and the gold will come from questing or learn a craft skill and make some gold that way

What expansions do you have ? Rise of the godslayer has faction quests where you can earn decent money and gear at the same time hope this helps

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Are you on Crom or Fury? Crom you should be seeing people, fury is far less populated.

crom and there are lots of people.

i did find the gear in the store so i bought it for my low levels i am up in the air on buying th t3 gear the guild i am is active so i think it would be better to try to contribute helping the guildies do things.

There’s still plenty of pug raids going, except maybe late night US timeframe. You might need to get involved in the various discord channels, since that’s where a lot of organization and planning take place.