Help/guidance needed please

Hello, folks.

Like many I’m a recently returned player.

I have characters ranging from 22 - 37.

Each one is in an area where mobs are grey to 4 or 5 levels lower than they are… no fun at all, lol.

I don’t know how to get anywhere level appropriate.

They have quests in areas nowhere near them, but I have no idea how to get there.

I’ve found sites with zones by level, but nowhere can I find a zone connection map.

I don’t have any fast travel playfields tab or anything.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I almost feel like it’d be easier… and quicker… to just start them all from scratch again rather than run for hours, lol.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give.

Take care,
Rokal, NoOb Extraordinaire

Look here for the map with the connections. :wink:

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For your level 37 characters the next playfield could be “Field of the Dead” in Cimmeria, there you will face enemies at a range of level roughly 35 - 50 and many new quests.

Noble district. If you want a level or two before Noble district, go to Wild Lands and kill the multiple groups of 37+ on the east side of the map before you get to, and right after, Sanctum.

Thank you, all.

I can’t believe my search for zone connection maps never pulled this one up. That’s awesome and should help a lot.

Even if I do just have to hoof it… at least I know how to get there, lol.

Take care,
Rokal, nOoB Extraordinaire

You should also at the very least have the Path of Asura Teleport that you can bind to various locations.

Thank you.

I do but that only takes me to my last bind point or homeland.

One character went back to Khemi, one Conarch Village, the others went back to Tortage… from which I
know that I can use the smuggler to get to my homeland… so using the zone connection map provided above, I’m going to start hoofing it to level appropriate zones.

I saw some teleport items in the store… didn’t look closely at them yet though… wondering if I can buy some IF they can just 'port me where I want to go.

Anyone know if they can… or do you have to been to the destination first to unlock it?

I often set my Path of Asura to Old Tarantia since that is essentially the most central point in the game for traveling to other zones.

The Teleport coins in the store are the same as you can get Monthly if you are a subscriber. They are used in the Playfield Access window which you can open with “Ctrl+G” by default. There, you will see the Premium Teleports which you spend the coins on. I don’t believe they have any pre-requisites like level or having been there before, but I’ve never needed to use them before. The middle tab is the Teleports you can automatically unlock with enough Achievement Points.

Thank you. I finally got all my characters to Old Tarntia, and then off to level appropriate zones.

Good to know about those teleport coins. When I log in tomorrow I’ll check that playfields tab as well, and may buy a few coins.

Oh, and I did subscribe. I bounce around MMOs and always sub to those I’m actively playing… personally I feel it’s only right to provide some income when playing games I enjoy to those who work on them.

I’ve been f2p for a while now, but iirc you get like 15 teleport coins per char monthly if you claim them from Rewards in the item shop if you’re subbed.

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In game , when you look on the map, you can hold your mouse over the travel points (yellow dots) and see the level range for that area.

Join a friendly guild, you’ll get all the advice and help you need there whenever you’re online.

Thank you.

Yes, I do plan to do that once I settle on a “main”… or three… before I inflict myself on a guild, lol.

Plus usually in games nowadays finding a guild that doesn’t require voice comms is difficult.

I get it for raids and such, but in general when I’m playing I’m also talking to my wife, and have no desire to hear others screaming, burping, farting, or playing teeth rattling heavy metal in the background, lol… but I will be looking.