TOTW, Windcaller Kerrec zoning

Good day AO gang. I am returning player from back in the day. I am having an issue on a few of my older characters, that amazingly were still saved…yay?
Now that there were changes sometime in the past were they moved the TOTW portal to ICC.
I still have the card/letter you got from the windcaller in Rome. But when I try clicking on the plaque on the wall behind Kerrec in ICC, it tells me I dont know the secret words to whisper, something to that effect.
So I click on Windcaller Kerrec to do the quest, and he tells me he doesn’t have time to talk to me.

Now I have a froob account as well, and I have 0 issues with him at all.
Is this a bug with older characters? Pre change characters?
Does anyone know of a fix for this.

Thank you,

This is indeed a bug, but the problem isn’t that your character is old, but rather its level.

You can see the requirements of the portal here: Temple of Three Winds Gateway.

The portal works when:

  • You are level 1-124 and have done the mission
  • You are level 125+

However Windcaller Karrec will not give the mission to characters 61+. (This is an assumption: I don’t know the exact limit here, but I tried it on my level 66).

The fix could be to make the portal work without mission at 61+, or have Windcaller Karrec give the mission to anyone 1-124.

Interesting. Thanks for the reply Saavick. I greatly appreciate it.
I say interesting cause the 2 characters I am having the issue with are between level 61 and 125.

I was just making sure I wasn’t doing something wrong, or if it did have something to do with them being very old characters.

Hmmmm maybe if a Ark/or GM would only answer my petition? LOL

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