Stuck loading Gateway to Khitai

Hi! New player here.
I got to lvl80 3 days ago, and took quest from Conan to go to Khitai. So I talked to npc in Khemi and my character is now stuck loading Gateway to Khitai :confused: I tried switching dx9/10, repairing broken data, setting cutscenes to skip/play all, and made new character to send petition. It’s been 3 days now… Can someone help get my character back, ticket number “[Funcom #1176990]”.

If you can, try download the game on another computer and log in with this, or perhaps full reinstall.

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Sime time agoo, I had a bug when loading Gateway to Khitai.
The solution was to not have cutscenes disabled : the problem was caused by the meeting with Cang Jei when you have Conan’s quest to go to Khitai.


Same problem on another PC, my friend can’t log in to my character either, while another account works fine. Loading screen (Gateway to Khitai) stuck around 75% and after 10 seconds we get error “AoC stopped working”, and can only force close the game. On my lvl 20 character I can travel to Gateway to Khitai just fine, no problems…
I searched older forum topics for a bit and someone said GM had to help with porting character to another area, so waiting for reply to my ticket and in game petition…
Any way to speed things up a bit, tired of waiting tbh, it’s been 3 days?

Its a Sign. A Sign for Changes.
Downloaded Installer and Website Data introducing bugs that make certain functions of the Game not working. These bugs throughout the last years are not tweaked data that just appear out of nowhere. Its like i have a Google Drive Data File and make changes to it for whatever reason. Its like i change a few numbers intentionally to introduce a certain bug that might create the problem i need to justify a certain change. There are no such accidents unless funcom is not a proffesional company. I believe funcom is indeed a proffesional company and not amateurs so i believe all these introduced issues including character transfers are intentional and serves specific purposes. It is a proffesional company and also very proffesional in deceptive tactics. Its their way.
Call me Crazy but i feel safer wearing a Tin Foil Hat. At least i know if there is indeed a machination behind the curtain i am perfectly safe from it. I prefer to live wearing a Tin Foil Hat.
Next Bug will be T3 Relics not dropping from Raid Finder Boxes Daily Rewards Paragon Chests. So much for AoC being f2p. Just make the Game be Microtransaction dependant already Tencent will like it anyway. ‘‘At least we will get what we pay for’’
I would buy a T5 Set for example. I have a lvl 10 DT sitting in Tortage and sometimes i log in to get some daily rewards and hope that one day something will be done to this game to make it enjoyable because its boring. So i would surely pay to avoid all the Grind again if Good Changes were coming. Unlikely eh? Yep…

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This is crazy, can’t any GM take couple of minutes to port my character from Gateway to Khitai so I can log in? I guess it’s the solution but I’m still waiting for freaking reply… I spent last month leveling to 80 and now have to wait for someone to unstuck my character from broken quest?

Send a message to AndyB. Maybe he can help you with this serious gamebreaking issue.

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Ty, sent. Hopefully someone can help soon.

This is just one of the many reasons why this game is dead. You should do yourself a favor and just play something else. They don’t offer customer support for this game anymore. Unless you are paying subscriber of course. Then you might hear back from a GM within a few weeks. If you’re free to play you’ll never hear back from them. They have stated in the announcement section that they will no longer assist non-paying members.

The company behind this game is absolute trash. I recommend you play something else.

The only time you’ll get any sort of GM support is if you say naughty words in global. It won’t be the kind of support you want though.
Oddly enough, there’s always a PC policeman nearby in Fun con ready to punish evildoers who say naughty words.


Issue resolved :smile: GM ported my character past cutscene and now I can play again! Thanks everyone!


Good to hear

Except Suctem. He is the only one who can talk offensively. Diplomatic Immunity of some sort :sweat_smile: In any case they dont seem to invest on supporting their products properly but i can’t say this for all their games.
I checked Conan Unconquered and the forum section reminded me of in terms of Bugs. Propably they have like 1 Guy working on it.

Age of Conan is Special. Its their only Game that is breaking while they also completely refuse to bother with it and yet demand that you support it or else. They must really hate AoC and its Playerbase for some reason. They really hate AoC.

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The CEO would love nothing more than to wash his hands of it. It’s considered a failed project which brings in dismal amounts of revenue. Revenue that’s insufficient to pay the salaries of any game devs other than the unpaid interns.

Right now, the money they make goes to keeping the server on. Anything beyond that goes towards other projects.

Just because they never shut down servers doesn’t mean they never stop supporting games.
I guarantee if everybody in this game stopped playing and stopped paying, then Age of Conan would get shut down.

They’re not going to lose money keeping the server up if nobody plays it after all

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Your analysis troubled me. I will lie if i say i wasn’t optimistic and hope that someday they are going to do something about AoC but thats unlikely to ever happen.
In its current state i give it another year lifetime. After that only the most dedicated Hardcore AoC only players will stay propably some long time Vets who still play.

What you say is true. I know nobody plays Anarchy Online except a handfull of players maybe even less players than Fury has and the Server is still up.

So in short if something breaks in AoC its just expected and they are not going to make any effort to fix it other than doing some Server Restarts from time to time and rotate some Events once in a while.
Also the more Revenue sinks more things will be removed from time to time to keep it more time consuming for supporters and minimize some of the lost income by a few percentages and yeah if you get some account issues and are a supporter you may get some support but beyond that nothing else.
Character transfers for example will remain disabled.

Well the conclusion is that its pointless to support the Game in the first place. I would be a fool if i did so what remains is play till bored if you encounter problems just accept them and thats it.

I heard that Chivalry 2 is a blast. Nonstop PvP with no PvE entry barrier. Give it a whirl!

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:beer: Chivalry was always my PvP favourite. Nothing like War cries and massive battles swinging Poleaxes in Heavy Steel Plate arrows and Catapult fire all around with torn up Medieval Battlefields. Spread’s streams are also quite enjoyable.

My dad works at Funcom, and when he bans me, I make another free account.

If anyone wants to know how to make your own Tin Foil Hat give me a hint…
You’ll need them and i can guarantee within the next year it will become very Trendy

I am telling you there is no cure for the Spoils of Victory removal infection it will spread!

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