Petition system new and now it won't work for me

So the ‘new’ petition system will not let me do an in game support ticket. All it does is grey out when I hit the upper right petition button.

My saga character is frozen between khemi and khitai and I wanted to finish leveling to 80 today. Now I’m stuck and can’t do anything about it.

With this new forums I don’t know how to contact CS either.

My computer was built for me by a friend to handle AOC and he put in some UI that I don’t know the name of but I have never had issues with the petition in the past.

Just now.

So what do I do?

You could try doing a live chat via your account page, or an email petition that way. Chances are it will be the same GMs handling it. And if they can’t solve it in live that they create a petition for you to someone that can handle the issue. That is usually how I do things.

If you’re looking to contact someone here, I would suggest @Tamtor or @andyb.

Not sure what you mean by frozen between khemi and khitai - if you mean on the silk road trying to get to Gateway to Khitai, then usually relogging will put my character back at Khemi. Also dying tends to do the same. If you have failed the quest, then the NPC may still take you onto Gateway or you will find he sends you back to Khemi.
But regardless, can you not use your path of asura to zone? Or perhaps a teleport coin port?

In the support section, Christa (a Funcom employee) put a post on how to contact Funcom. In that they have their help page so you can email them, this is:

And if you are able to …change the location of this post from General Discussion to Support …
The /petition system interface seems to be the same for me as it always has been…no changes. I just tried /petition ingame and it initially “hung” but came up within 10sec alright for me … I’m using Stonerune UI. So I am guessing it’s your UI maybe. Also see if the /petition system works on your non-Saga toons or is also unavailable to try and diagnose if it is your custom UI or an interaction between your custom UI and the Saga character.
If it will work on your non-Saga character, then I suggest that you write a /petition on one of those stating that your Saga character (name x) is stuck between Khemi and Gateway to khitai and you can not initiate a petition on that character for some strange reason. As I know in the past GMs have contacted me on a different character than I initiated the petition to follow up on the petition.

Are you getting stuck loading while trying to zone to Khemi? If so, that’s a known issue (though rare) and a GM can help you with that. I’d need to know your character name to help you if you are unable to submit a petition.