Game issues with item shop, petition system, contact funcom from forums

First off…contact Funcom option on forums does not work right now

If you do Item store in game, it wants your signin info with password…if you go out and back in again, it wants your account info again. That’s very inconvient

The /petition system freezes…I had one in from last week to try and get an item back (pretty sure within the time frame) and now its past the 3 days. And I can’t update petition or do email to funcom

So whats up?

The contact funcom email support worked … but the daily rewards system is frozen for me now, just get a black screen if the button is pushed

The item shop/petition and daily rewards works with another character on that account

so you can close this and I’ll repost if it continues with other characters

still strange though

It is working again now