Store Purchase did not go through

I purchased the colonist bundle for my account. I went to claim it and it still hasn’t arrived in the mail. its not working on multiple characters.

Same here. Bought a few things last night and still no mail and no reply from anyone…

Purchased a Nophex Holiday Printer and the purchase has not arrived yet.

Yea,seems people are not getting store items for some reason.Bought stuff yesterday and still received zip,and no reply from anyone…

Same here, the stuff is not getting through mail. Santa messed up!

I purchased a deluxe 3d holiday printer this morning, 6 or 7 hours ago and nothing in the mail. Also started a petition within half hour and no response there either.


They usually fix things after the weekend, but I really do hope they extend the event/offers for a bit because both the Daily rewards and Shop have now been buggy.

Yep same here too. Come on funcom we pay for this at least try and pretend to give us some support

Yes Funcom, Please fix this and give a us a few days extension for both week-ends having a bug of some sort making holiday items not work. My petition is now 24 hrs old without any response, not even “we are working on it”.


OK, the Item Store and Daily Rewards are back up this morning.
I still do not have the deluxe 3D holiday printer I purchased 3 days ago!!
Still no response on my petition!!
However, FC did keep my FC credits for my undelivered purchase.



Colonist bundle did not go through and i cant get a new one because it says i purchased it already.

I noticed the announcement post about FC being aware that store items not being delivered this morning. Logged my toon in and she had her deluxe 3d holiday printer available to pick up from the Mail terminal. So perhaps the rest will show up soon. They may have to restore “pending” ones individually.



If you haven’t gotten your purchases or claims at this point, please open a ticket with us for help.

Thank you AndyB,

I have received my item store purchases, however a friend has had one toon’s elite daily locked up for a number of days and no reply to petitions. The 18 hr lock-out timer is stuck and won’t allow the toon to get a new elite daily. It happened the same time we were having the item store issues.


Your friend will need to submit a ticket or petition on their own. We can’t help with that from the forums nor can we provide support for someone else through another person. A single petition is all that’s needed and if they keep deleting and remaking it (since you use plural “petitions”) then that would send them back to the end of the queue each time.

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