Not received purchased store items

Hello,I recently opened a new account,purchased the New Colonist bundle and the Heckler Juice,and still have not received it for over an hour. Went and claimed it,said it was in the mail,zoned and logged out and back in several times,and still nothing. Can anyone help with this please or do I need to just get it refunded?

Send a petition in game perhaps … I don’t think FC does refunds. /petition


I’ve sent tickets in,made this post,still heard f*ck all from Funcom or anyone,and as of today still haven’t received what I payed for. Should’ve known better,FC seems to have become nothing more than the scammers they still allow in the game…

I haven’t heard anything either, but today they have shut the Item Store down for Maintenance. So even without any replies they appear to be working on our issue.


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