So what do you do when a bug gets you stuck on a mission?

It’s been a while but for some reason the things i collected didn’t combine properly, and I can’t complete a mission. (The one with the dreamcatcher.) Fortunately it’s a side quest, but it’s still annoying. I can’t start it over and /petition has never worked ever – are there even still people watching that?

Yes there are GMs still watching that. If you want that fixed I do suggest you make a petition, and if needed can try to see if one of the GMs are still up on the SWL discord to help out if they’re not busy with other petitions.

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When making a petition, remember that there are few GMs and lots of petitions, so they likely answer while you are offline. You have to open the Petition UI again to see their responses.

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I heard there is supposed to be a mail icon you can click when a GM has responded to your petition, but currently it doesn’t seem to work :confused:

When you want to send a petition and click on the submit button you first get a summary of the petition category and your written text on the left side of the window. You have to click a 2nd time to actually send the petition.

I remember the first time I tried to send a petition I saw the window updating and just closed it. So just in case this is what happened to you, make sure you clicked on “Submit” twice.

If you successfully sent your petition you should be able to see it in the petition window and send updates.


I’ve never seen or heard of that in all my years of playing. :confused:

As someone who has sent quite a few petitions:
Petitions work but are generally to slow for most issues.

It’s always better to find a way yourself than to wait quite a bit for GMs normally. People don’t have the time to wait for ages.
GMs can reset missions (and I believe mission steps) so you can get unstuck.
There are some other things that might work in case you get stuck. Leaving to the character screen and reentering the game to get out of instances you are stuck in for example but generally the only surefire way is petition.
Also take the time to give as much intel as possible helps in how fast and if a GM can help you. “I’m stuck” doesn’t give you much to work off. “I am in the middle of ‘Nightmare in Dream palace’ and during the Beaumont fight he cast himself invincible and now is stuck that way so I can’t progress” (something I managed cough) gives far more detail, especially in terms of what the problem is and where you are stuck.
Also being nice to GMs is always a bonus. They are hard working peeps that are trying to help you. Give them some love for it.

I think there isn’t much more to say about it.

The first thing I do is /petition. Sometimes that works. They usually respond in a /tell message if they respond at all. If they don’t respond there, then I do a google search to try to find out the solution. If that doesn’t work, which is about a third of the time, then I exit completely out of the game and restart. So far I’ve been lucky and that’s covered everything at this point.

Thanks for the tips here. Iv’ve been stuck with a misson since last september and inspired by this thread , I’ve just petitioned it for the 3rd time. I’ll try the discord tip after a suitabke wait too.

Thanks Peeps :slight_smile:

I did get a reply to my petition asking me to confirm the problem with the misson and to ensure the misson was in my quest journal before next logging off. Then yesterday was contacted by a GM and a fix (the misson item was supplied so I could continue).

Getting any reply has improved my view of Funcom. Thanks Funcom CS and thanks again for the tips shared in this thread :smiley: